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User icon The Boss is BOSS. The Jewel is a JEWEL. The Dart is GREAT. Enjoy! :)
User icon I've been messing around blindly as a new-to-vape person. Let me say that Atmos (made by Atmos Nation) is by far the best product I've used. I've even ordered more products. I was very disappointed by other products (so don't go there). Please note: you will lose your vape, or parts of your vape, unless you are somehow magic. So, trust me, go ahead and order two, extra accessories, etc. I've been luckier with my Boss (because it's bigger) but did lose the tip, so go ahead and get that extra accessory too, including the screens for it. The dart is great too. Very satisfied. If you read a lot of reviews, well, I already did, only to discover, and they're all really good too. Have fun!
User icon Simply the very best vaporizer on the market. Customer service is great! Highly recommend The Dart Kit
User icon I ordered an optimus V2 cartridge to pair with my R2 battery and decided to ask a representative if the two would match. I was paired with Bethany and all of my questions were answered perfectly and quickly. I couldn't have asked for better customer service. She let me know they wouldn't work together and informed me that the original optimus cartridge would. I was able to get my order changed and easily figure out which oils would work best with it. I must say i love atmos and the service is amazing
User icon I Picked up the Atmos Transporter the other day admittedly I was skeptical because the fist atmos product I had, The Atmos Rx Dry herb kit combusted the material and did not vaporize, However I got home and charged up the transporter and was pleasantly surprised at the improvement you guys nailed it with this one...Nice thick smooth vapor without combustion two thumbs up I give this product 5 stars.
User icon This was the first juice I ever bought when I got my first vape and so far still the best I've had yet..
User icon aspire cf vv 1600 kanger aerotank... *flavors of coconut and slightly sweet spiced rum.. *finishes with a slight maple flavor. I dont like too much maple but there is something about this that keeps me coming back for more. *I gave it four stars because although a great vape, I dont feel the maple smell and flavor belong woth island rum A DEFINITE MUST TRY
User icon This is the best vaporizer is this price range. I've tried others and this one is the most impressive.
User icon I am an experienced pen user and have to say the R2 is The Best Vape out there. Some prime features are the ergonomic grip, ceramic filter, no leaking & it's a gorgeous piece of equipment. If you like the Atmos Jewel, the R2 is like it's giant sister. The air flow and taste are unparalleled and the vapor stays cool, I think because of the nifty ceramic filter. It is a very efficient Vape and just a dab of product seems to last forever. This is my favorite pen and is essential to my pain management. The R2 heating chamber is the best, least messy chamber I have encountered and it seems to maximize my product. Especially if you get hand pain, the R2 and the Jewel are gifts from the heaven's above. So worth the cash, it basically pays for itself in my assessment. Happy vaping!
User icon this product is so very easy to use i bought this unit and it was great i told about 6-7 friends about it and they loved it i had a problem with the connection part of the unit i had the warranty i sent the unit to be fixed they did not just fix the problem but total replaced and sent me extra devices they where very to deal with and i know my friends will buy 1oh and mine was the liv vaporizer
User icon Amazing device. Performance is excellent. IMHO, this is the new standard from which all others will be judged. Not insulting the others, but the Atmos Orbit truly is the next level. Atmos just hit a grand slam with this baby:)
User icon This does everything it advertises. I'm very happy with my purchase. I believe the BOSS is essentially the same as the "Dry Herb" but with an embedded heating element. I seriously love this thing.
User icon Awesome site & products. Easy to navigate and detailed descriptions of products. I love it'
User icon I have only been a smoker for under 2 years, smoking menthol cigarettes. It's a long story, starting with a very painful disease called RSD. The habit just helped distract me from the pain.SO-a friend was worried for me a bought me a vaporisor along with Atmos' MYSTIC MENTHOL e-liquid. :-) Within a matter of days I realized that I enjoyed my e-liquid menthol more than my menthol cigarettes! It is so smooth, with the barest HINT of a sweet finish. So thank you Atmos! You turned me from a smoker to a Vapor and I am now buying some of your other e-liquids to 'broaden my palette' ;-)
User icon This company's product line is extremely well-made. Their customer service staff are both courteous and knowledgable about their products too. In this day and age I find it refreshing to be treated with so much respect. I completely recommend doing business with Atmos, you won't be disappointed. I have never written a review before, but these guys merit a good one.
User icon 5 stars in my book for sure! I would recommend this to anyone any everyone in the market for a product like this. With the glass screen you definitely vaporize ground up herbs like advertised but.. it seemed to be a little more work than I\'d like (personal preference). Therefore I'm using "wax and waxy" substances instead and oh boy this thing it's amazing!! Comparing to a lot of extensions to normal e cigs or the "g pen" this thing is worth the extra dollar. Sincerely a happy customer- k
User icon This company is most definitely the most efficient and professionally run in the field. I've never once had a single problem, unlike other sites which forgot to ship, or other disasters. I highly recommend these guys.
User icon i appreciate you for blessing me with such an amazing product. I hope to love it and play with it in open fields for days to come
User icon Hi Atmos,
Recently, I purchased a Atmos Junior Pen from my local shop here in Colorado. Having never used a vaporizer pen, I was solely looking toward the staff to advise me which pen to buy. They carried probably four or five types of pens and recommend the Junior above all. I bought some product to pair with my new purchase and went on my way.
After a few weeks, I had grown fairly fond of the device. Finding its easy, sleek design to match what I also needed in convenience. Riding the chair lift had never been more enjoyable!
In the morning a couple days ago, I walked to my car to find my pen splayed out on the pavement, crushed under the pressure of a passing car. Upset, I picked up the piece, now scratched and worn and inspected more closely. To my surprise the only surface-level structural damage was to the Atmos' trademarked "A" cap emblem that I readily snapped back into place. I brushed some asphalt off the pen and thumbed at the power button and, to my delight, it worked just fine!

You guys make a seriously quality product. I mean, it got ran over by a car and still works. How can I stress that further? It is indestructible!

Customer for life, D.
User icon Marybeth was very helpful in processing my request and notifying me of my second atmos purchase warranty not processing correctly, allowing me to take cafe of that. Her friendliness made me comfortable in contacting customer service for future questions/concerns.
User icon FAYE MADE Me Do It and I'm Forever grateful for her guidance as I started alone in this and she taught me quite nicely, friendly, patiently and Not overselling to me. I ended up over buying because their products are THAT GOOD and the Optimus is so Versatile! The Optimus family is Very good and makes for a good start for your liquid vaping. Simple, easy and inexpensive add-ons can make your Optimus Liquid Vaping into an Oil, Wax or herbal experience - again, making the Optimnus a Great start! If you're a smoker or working on quitting tobacco you MUST try their Brand New V2 model. Again, it's singularly Spectacular !!! My 1 regret is they don't sell Mystic Menthol in 30 ml bottles, HA! You can trust this company, Brandy and especially Faye - they All seem to be the Genuine Folks you'd like to have as neighbors. btw... they also have individual units for each and every need you have. I'll trust Atmos with Faye any-day, Period.
User icon I cannot express how thankful I am that Marybeth answered the phone when I called customer support! Marybeth sat on the phone with me for an HOUR, while I was deciding which pen to get. She was so nice, answered all of my questions, and helped me decide on which was the best for my needs. Marybeth sets the standard for amazing customer service!!!! Her knowledge of the products, kindheartedness, and patience is inspiring! Please keep up it up! It's this type of outstanding customer service which sets AtmosRX apart from other companies. If there is any reason i would recommend this company to friends, it's because of the level of service Marybeth provided for me!!! Thanks agian!
User icon I got the optimums on a groupon a couple months ago & was my first vape pen so i wish that I would have gotten better instruction book with it..thank gawd for internet & YouTube. I have bought raw attachment, A-pen attachment & it came with bullet attachment & i can say I'm very happy, so happy that I just bought my friend the raw starter kit & was pleased to see the much nicer user manual. so far w/raw attach its worked beautifully I want to try it w/the glass/mesh screen, also I just got the brush & I do clean it every day. so I said I would write a review after a couple of months so here it is! very happy & will try other Atoms products
User icon I had problem with the heating chamber. After calling the co. I bought my vap from. And then Atmos I was able to talk to Dulanine a very up beat positive young lady that explained what the problem was and what the company would do to help fix the problem. She went above and beyond! I got the replacement part in a few days and every thing is working great. So I would like to thank Dulanine you deserve a bonus! I ve told every one to buy your product keep up the good work. The yankies up north thank you!!!!
User icon Brandy did a wonderful job in helping me to get my AtmosRX pen on the track to get fixed. She was very quick about her work and was very kind and nice.
User icon The rubber piece that presses the power button on my Atmos Jr camo kit tore. I used the live chat support option at about 2:30 pm eston a Friday, logged in, and typed in my inquiry of how to receive a new button. Brandy quickly responded with a convenient resolution and told me that she would ship out some replacement pieces today. I'm very pleased with this resolution. I will write another review once I receive the package.
User icon Wonderful service by Brandi. Gave me suggestions to use my machine, answered my calls promptly, and was super friendly. She is a great!!!
User icon I called for some information about vaporizers. Bethany was awesome! Not only did she help me find one that was right for me, she was helpful with finding another item also for a friend. Bethany was courteous, helpful and smart about your products also. Taking time with each question I had and answering each one. And I did have a lot of questions since I'm a new purchaser. Can't wait to get my product! Thank you Bethany!!
User icon Just spoke with Martha at ATMOSRX and was very pleased at the GREAT!!! customer service I received. She put my mind at ease regarding the replacement of my unit... Thank you Martha in I think she said she is in Texas, Great job!
User icon FAYE IS THE BOMB BY THAT I MEAN SHE IS A GREAT ASSET to your company. to me she took care of all my needs. (she knows the products extremely well, very intelligent). She scores a 20 out of 10 point scale!!!!!!!!
User icon Hello, A few months back, I was having constant issues with my Thermo that I purchased from you. I had bought multiple replacement parts continually before calling for help. At that time, I reached Dulaini M there. She and I talked through the issues, and she suggested I try the Optimus 510 instead. Dulaini knew exactly what I needed to pick a good product for me, and she was incredibly helpful sorting through all that. After having the Optimus a few months now, I absolutely love it. Dulaini was right. However, I now have two busted batteries and wanted to buy another Optimus 510 cartridge and then saw the new Bulb cartridge so was going to buy that too. I contacted support and was told to call during business hours. However, I had e-mailed Dulaini because it can be hard for me to call during business hours. Dulaini immediately replied with everything exactly right - replacement on the batteries + purchase of 2 new cartridges. I called her to give her a CC number, and we chatted. Through both of these instances, Dulaini has been both a pleasure to work with and super responsive and helpful in directing to me products. I want Atmos to know how great she has been. She's truly one of the best customer service people I've ever dealt with, anywhere. Always on top of everything, responsive, and super helpful and informative about the products. Thank you so much, Dulaini!!!!!
User icon My order took literally a month and a half to complete. NOT because of Atmos nor their CSA's, but because of me. ATMOS is incredible and I am not one who writes reviews, but I wanted to compliment the ATMOS CSA's Fay and Brittany, these ladies were BEYOND patient with me and when my order gets here, I may just write another one about the product itself. For now, I want to wish the company continued success and ask that you continue to reward these CSA's well because their skillful handling of customer needs and knowledgeable expertise in your product line continues to grow your business.ROCK ON!
User icon It's taken me 2 months to get through the learning curve of this new type of vaporizing and during that time I have had numerous conversations with 3 different customer service and tech reps. I have to say that were it not for the absolutely best customer service I have ever received from any company, I most likely would have given up and wrote off the starter kit as a waste of money. Brandy has been so helpful, patient and kind that I kept on trying to make it work. She has spent a lot of time on the phone educating this old lady and her response time is always fast when I send an email. I finally learned how to properly take care of and use my vaporizer and I'm a very happy customer and Atmos should be very proud of their employees. Brandy, Dulaine and the other gal whose name I don't remember (so sorry) are the front line between the customer and the company and they are top notch. I hope the president of the company reads these testimonials as they are his greatest asset!!! This unit is unlike all others and is what I would consider high maintenance as it has to be cleaned every single day. Messy, but the end result is what really matters and that is excellent. Have to be very careful not to pack it too full or it won't work. Also have to be very careful to not disturb the heating coil or it will easily break. All that said, this does it for me when I do it right!
User icon I recently bought an atmos junior online. when the unit arrived it broke after the first day, and when customer service told me there was nothing they could do for me as it was purchased online i was really let down and left a review to that effect. Bethany called me monday first thing and explained to me that it could not be covered due to the fact it was a fake! beware cheap counterfeit products! even after my bad review and buying a fake pen she took the time to explain the problem and offer a solution, thank you
User icon I had a small issue with one of the rubber pieces on my junior vapor (a friend broke the piece - not a product issue) and I didn't see it as a replacement item I could order. I got on live chat with Brandy at customer service and she was incredibly helpful...offered to ship me out the small rubber piece right away at no charge! This is the type of customer service that many companies should strive for. I already loved the product and now feel even better about using it and telling my friends about it. Thanks again!
User icon I had problems with a products I had but was handled pretty quickly, I had to wait five days but that was expected for shipping. I talked to a customer service rep named delani she was very helpful and knowledgeable about the products got me thru it fast pretty happy.
User icon After buying my Atmos junior from a local shop (Village) in Lil Five Points 3 days later it was completely inoperable. I Was so upset especially when the shop I purchased it from would not even exchange it but even worse didnt offer any tech advice (they R the worst!!) I called Atmos customer care and got Faye who did the most impressive customer care initiative. Once iSent my USB x charging piece by Fed Ex she 2 day AIR mailed my new pieces which was comforting, I was so upset b4 speaking to her. I received the USB x Charger x that still didnt work she got on 3 way w/ Atmos tech x they found the problem was the heating chamber x iGot that piece expedited to me so quickly between while I was working iForgot I was w/o my Vape which iLove by the way. My Junior works incredibly x iPlan on getting accessories x more Atmos products b/c of the quality x most importantly the customer care by Faye. U have gained a lifelong customer b/c of her...please do something special for her. Thanx again Atmos x thank you immensley for your dedication Faye. CSHOT Forever Fly LLC
User icon very bad bought 2 atmos pens both are giving me problems called atmos they charged me another 30 dollars to ship my batterys then they did not work ether i doubt this review will be posted but dont order the rx dry herb one
User icon Hello Faye, You made ordering a pleasure, customer service has not always been kind and helpful from other venders, you have a gift of kindness.
User icon Faye was an awesome help in distinguishing between the standard atmos and the junior. if you guy keep up the customer service and continue to top the Vapor reviews on High Times, you're going to continue kicking ass...
User icon I had a problem with my vaporizer and Bethany T. was extremely helpful with resolving my issue. She is a consummate professional and a great asset to the Atmos company. I wish all customer service was as good as what I've experienced with Atmos and Bethany T. Thank you.
User icon One good reason to buy from Atmos is their customer service is incredible. I had a couple of issues with my two Apen 510s and they got everything fixed with zero hassle. I can't say that about any of the help desks I have contacted over the years, in fact I find that usually the experience is filled with frustration. Thank you Atmos very much!
User icon I has an issue with address verification. After asking in the chat box the agent Brandy responded almost instantly and helped me resolve the issue very quickly. Because if that fast service I would buy from this site again and I have recommended it to other friends.
User icon I am not sure how anyone could be unhappy with this product unless you are just not using it correctly. The benefits are seemingly endless and the csr's you deal with if something goes wrong are some of the best I have ever encountered. AtmosRx has changed my life already and I just got mine a few days ago. Thank you, AtmosRx. I could not be happier with mine...
User icon Brandi is one of the best csr people out there if I had my own bizz going on I would seek this woman out to work for me. I had problems with my vap pen and she took care of me. Thank You Brandi.
User icon I have had my dry herbs and I have mainly been using it for waxy oils. I love that you can both with this product. I am switching to the glass tank and cant wait for it to get here. I am very pleased with my product. I will definitely have my friends use atmos
User icon I was having some problems with my atmos so I decided to RMA it, upon emailing them they called me to my surprise, Bethany from support was able to help me out and hooked me up with a replacement, awesome customer support thank you Bethany!
User icon i bought an atmos bullet 2 go, cool product and it didnt cost much at all. love it!
User icon Bought a Thermos W and an Atmos Rx recently. Love them both! Needed some help with replacement parts and warranty stuff. Got absolutely excellent customer service from Brandi. She and her manger were just super. Helpful, pleasant and professional. Thanks you guys! Much appreciated!
User icon Tay your awesome hope I spelled that right had a warranty issue like always no problem you guys ROCK great CUSTOMER SERVICE
User icon BETHANY is the best rep AtmosRX has... I have talked to others and they are all great.. however Bethany always goes above and beyond.. I just received a replacement order along with some extras and I am impressed as always... THANK YOU BETHANY!!!!!!!!!!!!
User icon Bethany, Took my call immediately yesterday and immediately solved my problem. Today I went to the office in person and I could not have received better service. She was very helpful, informative and made my experience great!!!
User icon I ordered a replacement battery for my atmos raw until that died just a few days after receiving it. Due to circumstances and situations in my life I was a week or 2 past full warranty for store credit to be issued. Bethany Tascione was amazing at getting back to me and helping me sort out my issue, got 50% off my atmos thermos order! Every time I use my atmos thermos, Bethany will come to mind with how much she helped me out. Her customer service is beyond great and definitely helps make this great company that much better :D -Thank you Atmos for being a great vaporizer company and Bethany for such outstanding customer service Carl
User icon once again customer service just outstanding this time bethany takes the cake ty dear! raw pen is the best !!!!!
User icon Great service, rapid response, and agressivelly great products! Brandy, best rep! V/r D
User icon Bethany is the BEST. Her approach to customer service is second to none. She was courteous and extremely helpful though out the entire telephone conversation. I am in the customer service field and have never spoken to a representative that treated me in the manner that I treat my customers. Again, Bethany is the BEST.
User icon Faye and Brandy are the best! Keep up the great work
User icon I bought a Thermo W and had a minor issue with the atomizer. I called the Atmos Nation customer service number and Brandy was able to help me out with a short phone call. I've never seen customer service that was so sincere and effective. Thanks much Brandy and Atmos Nation!
User icon Never experienced such amazing costomer service. Bethany T. is the shiz. Never a dull email, never any issues with recieving my orders, and if there is a problem this rock star of a costomer service agent has it covered! Thanks Bethany!!!
User icon I called today to ask a question about my charger for the Atmos Thrermo. I was helped by Dulaini who not only explained how to solve the issue I was having, but went further to explain purchasing options for accessories, and also valuable warranty information. I hope that Dulaini is a representation of Atmos RX as a company, because I was more than satisfied with the service I received! Thank you very much!
User icon I purchased a Nuke from my Local retailer. Had a small issue with it and called Atmos for advice. They were more than helpful and walked me through the return process. Send it back and had a call from Bethany 4 days later confirming they got my package and that it was under warranty. I was so happy with their service that I purchased a Thermo W on the phone. Bethany was more than helpful. With so many choices out there it was hard to pick. But with Service like this its Atmos for me.
User icon As a frequent user of online ordering, I can say with assurance that the outstanding customer service that I was provided, was hard to come by. I now own three mobile vaporizers that were all purchased from ATMOS and I have been more than satisfied. The online chat is cake to use, customer service is quick, and you can talk to a real person, instead of a tiring recorded system. If I were you, I would order my vaporizer, and it's accessories from this company. You might get to talk to Brandy, who is very nice, and SUPER HELPFUL, and can easily pass you to her supervisor if you have any questions or concerns. I enjoyed my ordering process. Thanx ATMOS
User icon I wanted to take the time to say how HELPFUL Brandy at customer service has been. With the directions being very vague, she was able to answer all my questions and was a pleasure to work with!! These products rock hoooard!
User icon Let me take the time to say that I own an Optimus 510 and in my opinion its far superior in looks, craftsmanship, ease of use, and size to all of the other vaporpens that I have seen and used. Which BTW has become quite an extensive list now. After browsing the AtmosRx site for a while I decided to to add the a-pen and bullet adapters. I first talked to Brandy in the online chat support, she was VERY helpful in answering all questions I had. I then called Customer Service after being directed there by Brandy and spoke with Dulaini. Once again, very nice, and knowledgable on any questions I had presented her with. Dulaini took my order over the phone and in my opinion went above and beyond what I thought she should do. I was now simultaniously speaking to Faye in Online Chat once again, to my surprise, she ALSO was extremely nice and very helpful in answering any questions I had for her and Dulaini in Customer Service. At this point, I'm thinking to myself, NO WAY one company could employ such knowledgable staff that were plesant to speak with at the same time! I was wrong, not only were Brandy, Faye and of course Dulaini all a complete pleasure to speak with, but they were knowledgable in what they spoke of and other reason that Atmos has now found a new lifetime customer. In summary, my opinion is that Atmos has superior products as well as superior employees, both in Customer Service AND Online Help! I will continue to use there products in the future and would recommend them to any and all of my friends interested in vapor. Thanks again Dulaini, Brandy, and Faye (you owe me a coke) :)
User icon Thanks for your customer service I appreciate everything you and your company has done you have make it Pleasant experience instead of a nightmare a lot these kind of companies don't have it together yet and if you are a patient that is very frustrating thank you for your kindness and understanding god bless linda
User icon AWESOME Product and Customer Service Absolutely LOVE my new A-Pen. It was some bumps in the road at first as with any sophisticated electronic device. I major in Electronic Engineering so I know firsthand no device is perfect. But I have to say with the awesome customer service and dedication to satisfaction. I'm still satisfied to have owned such a device even with the problems in the beginning. Because of my new A-Pen I no longer smoke and feel much healthier. Thanks
User icon The New Atmos Thermo W .. Nice Big Clouds !!! Take my word for it . This company will do anything it takes to make there customers HAPPY ! Try them your self and see .. Thanks for designing an amazingly easy to use Wax vaporizer .
User icon Just got my atmos nail in the mail and 100% happy with the Purchase and product Best vape pen I've used
User icon I am so impressed with these products but most of all by Bethany, and Pat they have been so helpful to me in selecting these vapes. thank you very much for all that you have done really thank you. you guys are perfect.
User icon Just placed my order for a Nail 510 after reading wonderful reviews of a variety of Atmos products. I had done extensive research beforehand but still had a series of questions and quandaries in choosing between the Nail and the Thermo V2. To anyone reading this testimonial, there's a reason why Bethany's name is all over these reviews... If you have any question.. Call her. Even if you don't I would suggest placing your order with her. Possibly the most helpful person I've ever spoken with. She gives you all sorts of info and goes beyond just answering your questions. Incredible customer service! Can't wait to get the device in my hands!
User icon So I just purchased my Nail 510. The only thing better than that, is the customer service I received from Atmos. Bethany and Michael are simply amazing. They are both extremely knowledgeable and worked overtime to help resolve my issue. Thank you so much. I am going to tell all my friends to buy their vapes from Atmos.
User icon I would like to take the time to thank Bethany in your customer service department. She is a ray of sunshine everytime I speak with her and has provided great advice and customer service. I work in the customer service industry and am very impressed with her people skills. The entire staff, including Patty, have been nothing but helpful and fulfilled all of my needs. Bethany goes the extra mile and makes sure I am a satisfied customer. I wish more people were as kind as she was, it would make the world a better place. I am more than impressed with the products produced by this company and will continue to recommend the product and the site. This is definitely marked as one of my favorites on my computer! If you haven't tried the product, I recommend the Raw! It is perfect! I have every color! Love them all. Anyways, great service and Bethany is absolutely the best! Thank you Bethany for all of your hard work and time. It is much appreciated!
User icon Hi Atmos Team!!! I have an I olite and I bought but returned instantly the thermo vape... I would just like to tell you on behalf of myself (as I am not easily pleased nowadays).. that I think your vaporiser Kicks Ass!!.. Big time !!! Not only is it Delightful looking device, it fits so wonderfully in your hand, a perfect weight to play with, it screws together in a classy but un awkward fashion, it lights up.. (lol) the hit and the high it produces is to be honest down right incredible and very satisfying... So all in all I will definitely recommending and would like to thank you for creating a fantastic device :) Cheers Atmos
User icon I love my Atmos vaporizer! I appreciate the intelligent design and ease of use. The Atmos vaporizer is the finest vaporizer I have ever used. However, the best thing about Atmos, is their excellent customer support. Patty has been extraordinarily helpful and knowledgeable. She has given me the best customer support and service I have EVER received!! Patty knows everything about the Atmos products and is a pleasure to deal with. The company stands behind their products and offers the gold standard in terms of customer service! Go Atmos!!!
User icon hey y'all. have you been wanting to buy a vaporizer?? maybe you're not happy with the one you've got now?? Get yourself an Atmos Rx Vaporizer. They have a few different products, some for herbs, some for oils, some for both. For the price, you can't beat them. They're an American company that stands by their product. If something goes wrong, they'll fix it. Also, they ACTUALLY answer emails/phone calls and FB messages personally. It makes me wish i had a need for multiple vapes just so i can support these fine folks.
User icon I want to thank Atmos, and especially patty and delany, for the most excellent customer service I've had in my 65 years... you're the best
User icon I got my kit a few weeks back and the thing works like a charm….. has a great draw to it, very easy and within a few puffs I am medicated… It is not an ecig…. IT IS A Vaporizer…. yes I checked there site too after I bought the unit from a local shop in LA. Sure they do make e-cigs also however thats not what this unit is…. My friend has the Omicron and although they look similiar mine draws better than his, his battery seems a bit weaker and his cartridge takes more puffs to get medicated. I have been recommending ATMOS to all my friends and will continue to do so http://www.atmosrx.com
User icon After over 20 years of being married we decided to spice it up a little bit and got the Intimacy 5 ml bottles and the Atmos vaporizer kit. Thank you Atmos for your product, this has been an awesome experience and something we’ll be using more often.
User icon Hey Atmos! Your custom cases are really cool! Everyone keep asking me where can they get it, and when they see my Atmos vaporizer is inside they can’t wait to get their hands on one. I like that there are a lot of styles to choose from each one is cooler than the next.
User icon Bought the Atmos A-Pen Vaporizer kit, my best buy ever! Easy to use, convenient and discreet; carry it with me everywhere I go - even to my college classes because it looks just like a pen!
User icon Thanks Atmos Nation for your great line of products. Your Customer Service team helped me to decide which one to get based on my personal needs; they took the time to explain each one until I was happy.
User icon The Atmos Optimus vaporizer pen rocks! This thing is really easy to fill and it vapes in no time @ all. Love that I can see the contents @ a glance - Nice job Atmos!!
User icon I got the Atmosrx last month and cant put it down..... my girlfriend ordered it online at there site atmosrx.com and i found the oil cartirdges at a dispensary (I live in LA where the oils are legal)..... my kit did come with an empty cartridge, so im sure you can fill it on your own...... but i bought a cartridge for 30.00 and its said to hit at least 150 puffs...... so far i did about 50, and im getting good tokes, lots of vapor and most importantly geting high, takes me about 5 hits to feel it. I recommend this product!!
User icon Thank you thank you thank you Andrew and Patty for your help. I appreciate your attention. I love the product, it was recommended to me by cup winner Selecta Nikka t in Denver at the cup. Now I too can recommend the product and customer service to my friends.
User icon I just got my custom skin for my AtmosRx battery and couldn’t wait to let you know how happy I am with it! I follow the instructions and it was really easy to put on, I removed it to make it more even and it got back on real easy. My pen looks amazing! It’s easy to clean too and the fact no one else has it makes me the envy of all my friends!
User icon Thanks to AtmosRx I can travel anywhere with my vaporizer.
User icon Atmos RX is a great Vaporizer, It's the best I ever used.
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These products may contain nicotine. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Nicotine is addictive by nature. Nicotine may be toxic if swallowed or if it comes into contact with skin or eyes. Like other tobacco products with nicotine, you should not use these products if you are pregnant or nursing, have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or if you are allergic to nicotine, propylene glycol, or glycerin. Discontinue use immediately and consult a physician if you experience any symptoms of nicotine misuse, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, weakness or rapid heartbeat. These products are not designed or intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease, physical ailment or condition. These products are to be used for those STRICTLY over the age of 18.

All AtmosRX® devices are not intended to administer medicinal or illegal products of any kind and doing so voids the warranty. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by inappropriate, incorrect, or irresponsible use of our products.
We reserve the right to change specifications, product descriptions, product quality, pricing and application at any time without prior written or oral notice.

Please view our Warranty / Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Atmos Nation USA is recognized as the leader in the vaporizer industry, for providing high quality, top rated vaporizers. Atmos Nation USA’s vaporizers are sold and employed worldwide.
The functionality of a vaporizer is to process herbs therefore producing optimum benefits. If you have any concerns or believe that you are allergic to any kind of herb, propylene glycol or glycerin. It is highly recommended that you consult a physician before using any vaporizer product. Pregnant women, patients with any heart ailments, people with high blood pressure, diabetic patients and people who are sensitive to allergies or find them selves vulnerable in their immune system must immediately discontinue using herbal digital vaporizers and get proper medical authorization before using any electronic vaporizer.
Furthermore, if using processed herbs give you nausea, dizziness, weakness or rapid heartbeats, it is highly suggested for you to visit a doctor at your earliest possible moment. Electronic Vaporizer is not designed or intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease, physical ailment or any condition of that sort. Vaporizers for sale are strictly intended for adults who are over the age of 18.
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