Atmos carries a wide variety of different e-liquid vaporizers in order to offer everyone a style that fits their needs. All of our e-liquid and essential oil vaporizers are subject to our rigorous in-house engineering standards and are protected by our (5) year limited warranty to help provide you with the peace of mind that your e-liquid and essential oil vaporizer is built to last and will provide a long lasting vaping experience. Our e-liquid vaporizer pens are great for at home and on the go use. Providing style, sophistication and ease of use, our e-liquid vaporizer pens are for anybody, anywhere at any time. And if you’re interested in achieving the best possible vaping experience, Atmos’ e-liquid vaporizer pens are the perfect option. Atmos’ refillable tanks can be switched up for various flavor options and the cost of our e-liquid formulas are a fraction of the cost of the alternatives. Each of our essential oil vaporizer kits come with everything you need to get started, including a lithium-ion battery, cartridge and charger. Just choose the flavor and nicotine content of your e-liquid or herbal formula and you’re all set. The performance and satisfaction of using an Atmos e-liquid and essential oil vaporizer is a unique one that can’t be found in cheap knock-offs and counterfeits that cut corners without implementing the high standards of safety regulations that we follow when engineering our vaporizers. We stand behind all of our products because we know that the freedom and performance we offer cannot be found anywhere else.

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We are now implementing a 5 year warranty program. Please retain your receipt after purchasing your vaporizer. To be a part of the program, you must register your AtmosRX® Vaporizer online.