The Atmos iSeries Box Mod Vaporizer Batteries

The i30, i50, and new i50TC make up Atmos’ newest line of advanced box mod vaporizer batteries. And each brings its own impressive stats and plethora of features to the table. Today we’re going to look at each of these devices in detail in the hopes that you can better understand the box mods of today.

Before we start discussing these specific box mods, you may want to do a brief review of what box mod vaporizer batteries are. Luckily, we talked about this not too long ago in a recent blog post you can find here. With that out of the way, let’s jump right into it.

The i30:
The i30 is a relatively simple device. It runs on a built in 18650 lithium-ion battery that sports an impressive 2600mAh. 18650 batteries are more or less the industry standard as far as mechanical and regulated mods go, so for those who are well acquainted with box mods and vaporizer batteries in general, this shouldn’t be anything new. For everyone else, the mAh of the battery represents the batteries capacity. In other words it represents the basic strength of the battery, how much it can handle as far as resistance goes. While 18650, simply represents the size of the battery, the specific type of battery. Aside from that, the i30 allows the user to control the wattage and voltage of the device. Meaning you can either crank up the power to please that inner cloud chaser, or you can keep it on the lower end. The i30 is capable of reaching 30 watts, which means it can support atomizers with a resistance of 0.5 or higher. Overall the i30 is a powerful and versatile device, but it is better suited as an introduction into the world of box mods due to its easy to operate interface.

The i50:
The i50 is for those who need a little more power. 50 watt box mod vaporizer batteries are generally the staple for most vapors out there. It’s a high enough wattage, 50 watts, that the battery can handle atomizers with a resistance as low as 0.2 or higher. That’s more than low enough to satisfy most sub-ohm vapors. In addition while the i50 runs on a similar battery to the i30, an 18650 2600mah lithium-ion battery, the i50’s battery is interchangeable. This means that you can switch out the included battery for a replacement. In addition, many vapors use external 18650 chargers to charge their vaporizer batteries, with the i50 you can use these since the battery is removable. The i50, while similar in operation and appearance to the i30, is a much more powerful device. While they are both strong in their own right, the i50 packs that little extra punch that most seasoned vapors need.

The i50TC:
Much like the i50, the i50TC sports an interchangeable battery and a peak capacity of 50 watts. However, unlike the i50, this box mod vaporizer battery sports temperature controls. Why is that important? Well, the addition of temperature controls is much needed for many vapors that use Nichrome wire. It also allows for safer usage of lower ohm atomizers. The i50TC can support atomizers with a resistance as low as 0.1! In addition, the i50TC is equipped with variable wattage, and thanks to its temperature controls, it can even help prevent you from burning your atomizers cotton by alerting you when no liquid is in the attached tank. The i50TC is by far the most advanced box mod vaporizer battery we carry, and it’s one we are very proud of. With a masterful combination of power and versatility, it’s no wonder the i50TC is already being recognized as one of the best box mods on the market.

Well, I hope you found this blog post to be helpful. If you have any questions about the i30, i50 or the i50TC feel free to call our customer service line at (855) 633-3244, or just use our site’s live chat!

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