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For a lot of vapors, their journey’s begin with small convenient devices like the Optimus and the Nano, and while that may be enough for many, others soon find themselves looking to get more and more power out of their e-liquid vaporizers. This articles is for them. We are going to take a look at what makes a vaporizer output more or less powerful than other devices.

Optimus batteries fill a role. They are reliable, easy to operate, and compact. But for cloud chasers, tinkerers, and hobbyist, they can be a little lacking in overall power. When you first begin turning towards more powerful devices, two phrases will start to come up a lot. Those phrases are “Sub-Ohm” and “Wattage”.

Sub-Ohm tanks are very powerful, they are capable of putting out a lot of vapor. But there are some common misconceptions that fly around Sub-Ohm atomizers. You see, when the vaping industry was in its infancy, there were very few powerful regulated batteries available to the public, whereas now you can find batteries like the i30 and i50 with relative ease. Without powerful regulated batteries to help supply an increase in wattage, cloud chasers were left with one option: mechanical mods. Mechanical mods function by cutting out the middle man with battery connections and so on, instead they rely on an open battery that will consistently provide a raw battery voltage of 3.7 (or whatever their 18650 battery was capable of putting out). With these kind of setups, lower ohms are necessary in order to provide the maximum power possible.

However, now, powerful regulated batteries are fairly easy to get a hold of, as we previously mentioned we carry vaporizer batteries like the i30, i50 and i50TC that are capable of putting out upwards of 30-50 watts. The power is already there. Sub-Ohm tanks are still amazing with a lot of these devices, but for those of you her are using rebuildable atomizers, it’s important to know that lower doesn’t necessarily mean better. You see, we already have the power in the form of wattage! When mechanical mods were our only option, we needed lower ohm atomizers to obtain the sort of power that is standard in the market today. Different battery wattages and voltages have different sweet spots as far as resistance is concerned. If you have a rebuilable atomizer, or if you have multiple resistance choices for your tank’s atomizers, I would implore you to experiment with it! Try out different resistance values, go higher or go lower! You may be surprised when your 0.5ohm coil performs better on your 50 watt battery than your 0.1ohm coil.

I am in no way saying that you should stop sub-ohm vaping, because in all honest, I do it myself. What I am saying is that anyone new to their device should experiment and widen their minds even further than sub-ohm resistance atomizers. You may be surprised at what your device is capable of.

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