7 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaping

7 Things You Didn't Know About Vaping

There is always something better than what you are doing now. The switch to vaping is long overdue.

In culture right now, people are constantly searching for healthier alternatives in everything they buy. We have seen the commercials, the warnings, and the evidence that cigarettes are on their way out due to the harmful toxins included in their make-up. Now, the world is on the a new wave. That wave is vaping.

In case you are unsure of what exactly vaping is and how it works, we have some information on our website to provide you with the tools necessary. In this piece, we will provide you with some unknown fun facts that make this stuff interesting. Take a quick inhale.

1. There’s a Huge Social Media Vaping Trend

You guessed it. Whatever you like, there is a community out there waiting for you to join and provide your experiences and personal opinions. The topic of vaping is a hub on social media as there are hundreds of people talking about it every minute of the day. If you search on twitter with a hashtag, guaranteed conversations. Instagram, same thing.

The best social media to spark up a great conversation about vaping is Facebook, though. When you type in “vape” in the Facebook search bar and press enter, you will find hundreds of results. We can’t count how many vaping groups there are because frankly, there are just too many. And most of these groups have over a thousand members each. Some are even up to 20,000!

2. Vaping is an Easy Way to Go Lighter-Free

Possibly the greatest fact about vapes is that absolutely nothing inside of them burns. Inhaling smoke from fire / things burning is one of the biggest concerns with cigarettes and other similar products. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Vapes function off of battery power and thus create pure vapor. Another plus: you do not need to scramble to find a lighter 24/7. There’s no more “Ah no. Where did I put that lighter again…” Given that, the lighter will not have the chance to burn your hands (or face) again, either.

3. Vaping Does NOT Smell Like Smoking

^ the reaction of any surrounding non-smokers when somebody lights up a quick cigarette. It’s not that cigarettes are terrible; most people just cannot stand the smell of them. This is another great reason to make the switch — the smell of a vape can oftentimes be quite pleasant, a big difference from the stench of a freshly-lit cigarette.

4. Vapes and E-Cigs Are Different

Ok. This may make some people a little angry. Just hold on for a second. There’s a difference between e-cigs and vapes. Sorry. But a vaporizer does work in much of the same way as an e-cig. A rechargeable battery heats a small part that vaporizes the e-liquid in the device. Unlike e-cigs though, most vaporizers use a little tank to hold the e-liquid rather than a simple cartridge.

As the tank gets low, or if you get a little bored and want to switch the flavor you have going on, you just add the additional liquid of what you want to the tank. Some vaporizers use capsules instead of a tank, which can be a bit more convenient and less messy (we’re looking at you, you big messy reader!). Those capsules can be easily rotated, which means you do not have to go all Little Engine That Could and try to finish a capsule before moving on to the next flavor. It’s all in all just a better option than an e-cigarette or Juul. #TeamVape

5. There are Professional Vapers

Do you know what crazy things you can do with vape smoke? Probably not. These professionals have been vaping for a very long time and thus have had the time to practice what they can do when they exhale. It may not look that insane, but we guarantee that once you begin to vape, you will realize just how talented these guys are. So many tricks with so much vapor. Check this video out showcasing a few of the professionals blowing smoke.

6. Another Big Trend? Vaping Sports!

We’re not talking basketball, or football, or tennis, or soccer, or hockey, or baseball. No, we’re talking about cloud chasing. Vaping has become so popular amongst its 9 million American users that now the professionals mentioned above have a competition centered on the exhale. Cloud Chasing has a world championship and everything, in which the “athletes” attempt to blow as many vapor rings as possible into each other. While there may be no ball involved, there are plenty of hoops and vapor smoke to have fun with. Practice makes perfect, right? Here’s a link to one of the cloud chasing championships.

7. Flavors Abound

We’re not talking about this guy, unfortunately. There are over 8000 various flavors of liquid for you to try! If we did our math correctly, it would take you over 21 years to try all the flavors. And that’s saying you finish one tank a day! Cigarettes, Juuls, and E-Cigarettes cannot say the same as to how fun and diverse they can get.

Hope you had as much fun with these facts as we did! Now, go get yourself a premiere vaporizer from Atmos, join a Facebook group, inhale odorless and burn-free vapors of one of 8000 different flavors, as you save your life, become a professional, and start competing to be a world vape champion!

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