Flying with Vapes: How to Prepare for Air Travel with Your E-Cig


Despite their rising popularity, there is still a lot of confusion and ignorance surrounding e-cigarettes and vaping devices in general. Laws and regulations have been slow to catch up and don’t always make complete sense. As a result, traveling with your vape gets complicated at the best times. If you choose to see the world via airplane, here are some of the things to keep in mind while you fly with your e-cig.


Size matters. Just like any other liquid, e-juices need to be in containers smaller than 3.4 ounces. If you have more e-liquid to transport, it will have to be checked. Most e-juice containers are small enough to be TSA compliant.

Your Rig

It may seem easiest just to throw your whole vaping kit into your checked suitcase and forget about it until you touch down. The airlines won’t allow this, however. Your e-cigarette is not permitted in checked baggage; it can only travel in your carry on. It goes without saying that you’ll have an easier time traveling with simpler devices. A twelve-hour international flight is not the wisest time to break out your custom-built mod tank.


Lithium-ion batteries can be tricky. Like the vaping apparatus itself, the batteries are allowed in carry-on luggage only. Leaving them loose in checked bags can land you in trouble. Be sure to detach them from your vape device If you want to be on the safe side, place them by themselves in a plastic bag. Be sure to remove them from your carry on and send them through security separately just like you do with your cell phone, shoes, and jewelry.

It should be obvious that you can’t vape on an airplane, but most airlines prohibit charging your e-cigarette, as well.

Beware laws and regulations

Even between U.S. states, there can be a vast difference in vaping regulations, to say nothing of the laws found in different countries. Vaping has not exactly been welcomed with open arms in many areas of the world. Hong Kong recently unveiled plans to ban vaping, and Israel has decided to prohibit Juul and other high-nicotine devices. Whether or not vaping is permitted in public spaces is another thing that varies all across the globe. So no matter where you’re traveling, make sure to do your research ahead of time and make sure you won’t land yourself in any legal trouble upon your arrival.

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