Are Pod Vaporizers the Future for Vaping?

What are Salt Nicotine E-Liquids?

Pod vaporizers have certainly been taking the vaping world by storm lately. Their rise to prominence has been quick, as well. Juul’s beloved pod device burst onto the scene just a few short years ago and since then, there’s been a huge spike in everything pod-related. Other companies have been releasing devices and many vape shops began offering third-party pods when the Juul-manufactured flavors just weren’t enough anymore. Pod devices have gained enough traction to be mainstream now. Your local vape shop or online distributor is sure to have some in stock for you to try.

But are pod vaporizers a true evolution in the vaping market or are they merely an alternative to traditional mod devices and e-juice. Is their success doomed to be short-lived or are they poised to truly take over the market?

The appeal of the pod device

Things don’t become popular without a reason. The e-cigarette was invented for people who wanted to ditch traditional tobacco smoking. And somewhere along the way, the industry evolved into all the stylish vape mods we know and love. But more traditional e-cigarettes largely floundered with little innovation for quite some time. Many people stayed with cigarettes or chose vaping mods they were not completely happy with. So when Juul and other pod devices came along, they filled a desperately underserved niche. For the right person, there are a lot of things to love about the pod vaporizer.

Less fuss, fewer frills

Pod devices have given consumers a lot more freedom with their vaping. There’s less to worry about with a closed-pod system like Juul. For people who don’t care to learn the ins and outs of endless modifications and replacement parts, pod devices are a saving grace. They’re also much more discreet. While blowing huge clouds and showing off vape tricks is great for some, there are a lot of people who prefer devices they can fit in their pocket and use without making a scene. The added portability of pod devices

Huge nicotine hits

Since pod systems use nicotine salts pods, they are capable of giving consumers a strong hit of nicotine without the harsh, bitter taste that would accompany traditional cigarettes or e-juice at the same levels. Nicotine salts pods are less alkalinic than traditionally prepared freebase nicotine, allowing for a smoother taste at higher levels. Combining the nicotine with benzoic acid instead of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol allows large quantities of smooth-tasting nicotine to be vaped at lower temperatures. Nicotine salts pods also have less of an impact on the flavor of the vape than traditional freebase nicotine does. People who have vaped nicotine-free e-juices can really notice the difference.


Not all the hype around pod devices has been positive. With their ability to deliver huge quantities of nicotine, some governments have taken to regulating or outright banning them. And this has prompted an increased interest in regulating vaping devices in general. The high nicotine content available in Juul pods prompted Israel to ban the company’s products outright earlier this year. The lightweight and discreet nature or pod devices were one of the reasons Hong Kong chose to ban vaping devices in the near future, citing an increase in underage vaping in schools.

Pod vaporizers have definitely revolutionized the vaping industry, but smart planning is needed to keep them from being regulated out of existence. Juul’s plans to enter the global market have already been dampened by incredulity from markets outside the U.S. and worldwide distribution is needed if pod devices truly want to reign supreme. Already some course correction has taken place in the form of lower nicotine pods.

Nicotine content

In response to growing legislation and also customer demands, companies like Juul and those who make Juul-compatible pods have begun to offer nicotine salts pods at concentrations lower than 50mg. With lower nicotine levels available, pod vaporizers stand a better chance of being allowed into foreign markets and actually establishing a foothold in Asia and the European Union.

But lower nicotine concentrations also have a benefit to sales in general. When only high quantities of nicotine were available, pod devices were unnecessarily limiting their market. People with no desire for such a strong nicotine hit were unlikely to consider a pod device. If pod vaporizers truly want to emerge as the future of vaping instead of just a niche product for a specific demographic. Greater diversity in the pod market is ultimately what will help the pod device truly conquer the vaping market.

The future of vaping

There’s a lot going on in the vaping industry right now. Revolutionary new products are coming out, fierce confrontation is going down over new laws and regulations, and more people are turning to vaping for their nicotine needs. It’s an exciting new frontier, especially for pod devices. But then again, pod vaping jumped onto the scene out of nowhere, it’s always possible something else equally as popular could be waiting to surprise us just around the corner.

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