Making the switch to a vape device can seem overly complicated at first. Suddenly you find yourself with so many options it can be daunting. Not only do you have a cavalcade of flavor options, but you have to contend with a half dozen different nicotine levels, too. One common confusion point is nicotine levels in e-Liquids. You can choose from e-Juice with no nicotine whatsoever all the way up to the high concentration of nicotine salts pods. With so many possibilities, how can you know which level is right for you?

One size does not fit all

It is crucial that you pick the correct amount of nicotine for you. Don’t feel you need to start off at the same nicotine level as those around you, because taking too much or too little nicotine will make for a miserable vaping experience and could ruin your entire transition. If you aren’t vaping enough nicotine, you may end up taking more hits than you need to or even smoking cigarettes to compensate. If you start off too strong you could make yourself feel sick.

Nicotine strength

The typical nicotine strengths you’ll come across will be the following: 8mg, 11mg, 16mg, 24mg and 36mg. There are also some e-Liquids which contain no nicotine at all. 

16mg is roughly equivalent to the nicotine level of a normal cigarette. Because of this, most people start off vaping at this level, but it may not be the right level for you. For example, if you were a really heavy smoker, you may want to start out at a higher nicotine level. If you smoked less consistently, then you may be better suited to a lower concentration. 

The bottom line is to use your previous smoking habit as a gauge for how much nicotine should be in your e-Liquid, and to trust your instincts. If you feel like you’re just not getting enough or maybe you’re getting a bit too much, try going up or down a nicotine level. 

Nicotine salts pods

Vaping e-Liquid with very high nicotine concentrations can sometimes give a harsh hit. Many people who want to vape at higher levels of nicotine can get up to 59mg from a pod system using nicotine salts. 

Changing nicotine levels

If your goal is to lower your overall nicotine intake, it is advised that you do so gradually. Vaping gives you unprecedented control over your nicotine levels. However, you should avoid going up or down more than one nicotine level at a time. Once you find your nicotine nirvana, you’ll be able to vape comfortably to your heart’s content. 

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