ESYB M2 2-Bay Charger


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 The ESYB M2 2-Bay Charger is an extremely light, portable, high-quality charger with two bays to handle two 18650 batteries at a time. Its integrated safety protections ensure a quick and efficient charge, without damaging each batteries long-term health. The M2’s LED battery indicators provide convenient, user-friendly operation, and its built-in internal system is equipped with automated battery protection, ensuring that the batteries stop receiving a charge once full. The ESYB M2 charger is constructed with ABS fire retardant material, with an optimal heat dissipation design, making it one of the  best fully featured charging stations available.

Size: h 113.5mm, w 53.5mm, d 33.5mm





Input Voltage           DC 5V 2A

Output Voltage       4.18V±1%

Output Current        1A max


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