510 to Atmos / Atmos to 510 Adapter


The Atmos Adapter Converter lets you transform the threading of your battery. The converter comes in two different threadings, 510 to Atmos and Atmos to 510. Simply attached the converter to your 510 or Atmos battery to attach the appropriate cartridge.

Developed & Designed by Atmos Nation. ( Patent Pending. )


    510 denotes the threading that connects cartridges and batteries. The 5 refers to the length of each screw thread (5 millimeters) and the 10 stands for the number of screw threads total. 510 is the most common type, but other configurations do exist.
    A 510 battery is a battery used in a vape device with a 510 thread configuration. It is important to use the proper battery in every device to ensure maximum efficiency and to minimize the possibility of damage to the machine.
    A 510 connector is a small pin within a 510 thread vape device that acts as the circuit’s positive contact point. These pins can be screw-threaded, friction-fitted or spring-loaded. Their main purpose is to allow power to flow from the battery to the atomizer.
    These are mechanical mods where the tank is directly attached to the battery. These devices have no 510 connection. These are ideal for vapers who prefer to use the same juice with very little variety.


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