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This Kit Includes

Aegis Vaporizer Vaporizer

Aegis Usb USB Charger

Aegis Cleaning Brush Cleaning Brush

Aegis Packing Tool Packing Tool

Aegis User Manual User Manual

Aegis KitDry Herb Vaporizer

The Aegis dry herb vaporizer uses an advanced convection heating method and is equipped with advanced temperature controls that range from 320°F to 430°F. The vaporizer uses a hard anodized chamber, alongside an isolated airflow design and unique filtration system, to produce pure and flavorful vapor. Powered by an impressive 1650mAh lithium-ion battery, the Aegis’ LED screen displays the current temperature and remaining battery life to streamline the device’s functions creating a simple, more convenient experience while it's easy access mouthpiece ensures quick and easy refilling. The Aegis is the perfect vaporizer for anyone looking for the security of a quick yet powerful portable vaporizer.

The Aegis scored an 8.2 ranking with The Vape Guide!

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Aegis Chamber

The Aegis was designed with optimized convenience and efficiency in mind. It uses a unique silicon filter that prevents particles from escaping the mouthpiece while letting pure and flavorful vapor through. Its silicon composition makes removing and cleaning the filter faster and easier than traditional metal filters without compromising performance or flavor. The Aegis' advanced convection method uses air to heat the product, preventing dry herbs from coming into contact with the heating element. This offers numerous benefits that traditional dry herb vaporizers simply can’t match, including longer lasting dry herbs.

Convection Heating Method Convection Heating Method

High-Speed Heat Up Time High-Speed Heat Up Time

Adjustable 320°F -430°F Adjustable 320°F -430°F

Micro-USB Charging Micro-USB Charging

Easy Access Mouthpiece Easy Access Mouthpiece

Isolated Airflow Path Isolated Airflow Path

Hard Anodized Chamber Hard Anodized Chamber

Fast and Easy Refill Fast and Easy Refill

Stylish Presentation in a Compact Device.


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