Battery 650mAh


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Atmos Lithium Ion Batteries are designed to evenly distribute, power and connect to your batteries and cartridges/attachments during vape sessions. Features include spring loaded pins to ensure full connection between battery and cartridges/attachments. They are built with a PCB safety microchip sensor to ensure maximum protection and activation/lock safety regulator.

Developed & Designed by Atmos Nation. ( Patent Protected )

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    Charger not included


    Spring Loaded Connection ( Patent Protected )

    • Type:
    • Capacity:
    • Voltage:
    • Height:
    • Diameter:
    • Charger Type:
    • Li-ion
    • 650mAh
    • 3.7V
    • 3.020 in
    • 0.55 in
    • 510 USB Charger


    Atmos Lithium Ion Batteries provide the most even distribution of power. Included are spring loaded pins that establish a full connection between the battery and all your vape device’s components. Atmos batteries also come with a PCB safety microchip sensor for maximum protection.
    It depends on the vaporizer. Built-in batteries cannot be changed when they die, but they may be rechargable depending on the model. Devices that run on replaceable batteries may or may not come with batteries included.
    This will vary depending on the device. Many rechargeable batteries last for a few hundred hits. It is recommended that replaceable batteries be switched out at least once a year, even if they still have power.
    Battery life is subjective. The more you use your device, the sooner you will run low on power. Most charges will last around 300 puffs.


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