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MR50 Mod Battery

The MR50 is versatile and unique pen-style mod battery with a scratch-resistant housing that comes in an elegant stainless that matches a variety of Atmos tanks and heating attachments. Its 1600mAh capacity provides the battery life you need to get through the day while supporting variable wattage from 7-50 watts and variable voltage for 2-8 volts. It’s highly intuitive LCD screen is located on the bottom of the device, displaying the current wattage, voltage, resistance, and remaining battery life. The battery uses the latest PCB update for this model which is equipped with a setting lock feature as well as all of the latest battery protections like: automatic power failure protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature protection functions. The MR50 is the perfect mod battery for all of your vaping needs.

Size: h 3.6in, d 0.86in



Top Quality Engineering

Whether you’re using heating attachments, for dry herbs and wax consistency products, or tanks, for e-liquids, the MR50 is ready to take on everything you can throw at it. With the latest and greatest software and hardware that the industry has to offer, the MR50 take ease-of-use to a new level with an advanced motherboard equipped with a wide variety of notifications that make it the perfect device for new users and experienced vapers alike. ( Pictured: MR50 motherboard )


Wattage Range:

Voltage Range:

Short Circuit


Scratch Resistant



Practical and Accessible Innovation

Notification Guide

This notification is displayed when the device turns on.

This notification is displayed when the device turns off.

This notification means that there is no atomizer being detected by the MR50.

This notification means that the resistance of the attached cartridge is too low and the MR50’s short circuit protection is active.

This notification means that the 10 second puff duration has been met.

This notification signifies a low battery.

This notification shows that the MR50 is accepting a charge.

If the temperature detected by the MR50 exceeds 149 degrees Fahrenheit, the device will enter temperature.
protection mode. This will immediately stop the device from being used.

This message indicates that the MR50’s current settings have been locked or unlocked.


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