6 in Type B mini USB Charger


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The Type B-Mini Wired USB Charger is a conveniently sized charger for your Portable Vape Lighter. The charging wire plugs directly into any USB port making it easier than ever to charge your Atmos Vape Lighter on the go.


    Standard USB outputs are usually fine for charging your vape. Outputs from computer, video game consoles and especially car chargers are all popular options. However, make sure you read the instruction manual that came with your device. Most vapes have specific charging regulations to prevent batteries from being overcharged.
    Any port that provides the proper amount of charge can be used with a vape device. Check the output of the charging device with the regulations of your machine. Overcharging a vape device battery can have damaging consequences.
    No. Many devices have very specific charging regulations. Double check output power with each device you plan to plug into it. The safest bet is to always use the charge cord provided by the manufacturer.
    The charging port can be cleaned with a cotton swab and some standard rubbing alcohol. Be sure it dries completely before use.


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