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AtmosRx® Vaporizers

AtmosRx® introduces to you the amazing world of Natural Health Science with electronic Vaporizer. AtmosRx® brings to you the next generation of portable vaporizers with highly advanced microchip technology and controlled vaporization. AtmosRx® is a hand-held temperature controlled heating system that operates well and gently heats herbal oil vaporizer to release just the essence.

AtmosRx® has launched an amazing gadget to go smokeless with the most advanced and effective technique of electronic Vaporizer. AtmosRx® helps you discover the herbal solution formula with its huge range of products with independent technology and entirely non-toxic Vaporizer.
Some of the products in the list of vaporizers from AtmosRx® include: Vaporizers for vaporization, portable vaporizer, by oil, liquid, oil vaporizer, electronic Vaporizer, Vaporizer…and much more.

AtmosRx® provides you access to world's smallest portable Vaporizer revolutionizing the Aromatherapy industry. Wide ranging designs and styles are available online for purchase at the website of You can make the selection of best design and style suited to your personal vaporizer ranging from leather cases, handy snap-on, reusable skins, clip-on cases…and more. AtmosRx® comprises range of unique quality products as Vaporizer in amazing styles and varied designs along with reusable skins and accessories with similar designs to complete your collection of varied designs. Also AtmosRx® offers a selected variety of accessories of vaporizers with customize design in which you can place your company visiting card, your family photograph and make it your personalized style with matchless ranges.

AtmosRx® is a leading brand in creating smokeless and non-toxic herbal vaporizers with its patented herbal oil formula. No other toxic material or substance can't be used with AtmosRx® and would be illegal to do so. Vaporization is a process which burns the plant and creates the essence only without making any changes into its elements. Whereas combustion which is a harmful reaction on burning changes the elements / components of burning substance and emits smoke and harmful effects which are many times toxic as well. Vaporization is a clean smooth process which allows you just to feel the essence of herbal formula and is legalized to have anytime anywhere.

AtmosRx® has made the Natural Health Science a better definition with its matchless electronic Vaporizer which is a complete blend of technology and Herbal formulas. All products of AtmosRx® are its patent and any illegal usage of these products will be penalized. Make the best of the utility of the most innovative and the world's portable technology to go Smokeless with amazing oil formula of portable vaporizers with AtmosRx®.

Get your own style statement now, book online and view our wide ranging store to buy oil/liquid and varieties for unique and next generation experience of Natural Health Science.
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We are now implementing a 5 year warranty program. Please retain your receipt after purchasing your vaporizer. To be a part of the program, you must register your AtmosRX® Vaporizer online.