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  • i appreciate you for blessing me with such an amazing product. I hope to love it and play with it in open fields for days to come

  • Hi Atmos,
    Recently, I purchased a Atmos Junior Pen from my local shop here in Colorado. Having never used a vaporizer pen, I was solely looking toward the staff to advise me which pen to buy. They carried probably four or five types of pens and recommend the Junior above all. I bought some product to pair with my new purchase and went on my way.
    After a few weeks, I had grown fairly fond of the device. Finding its easy, sleek design to match what I also needed in convenience. Riding the chair lift had never been more enjoyable!
    In the morning a couple days ago, I walked to my car to find my pen splayed out on the pavement, crushed under the pressure of a passing car. Upset, I picked up the piece, now scratched and worn and inspected more closely. To my surprise the only surface-level structural damage was to the Atmos' trademarked "A" cap emblem that I readily snapped back into place. I brushed some asphalt off the pen and thumbed at the power button and, to my delight, it worked just fine!

    You guys make a seriously quality product. I mean, it got ran over by a car and still works. How can I stress that further? It is indestructible!

    Customer for life, D.

  • Marybeth was very helpful in processing my request and notifying me of my second atmos purchase warranty not processing correctly, allowing me to take cafe of that. Her friendliness made me comfortable in contacting customer service for future questions/concerns.

  • FAYE MADE Me Do It and I'm Forever grateful for her guidance as I started alone in this and she taught me quite nicely, friendly, patiently and Not overselling to me. I ended up over buying because their products are THAT GOOD and the Optimus is so Versatile! The Optimus family is Very good and makes for a good start for your liquid vaping. Simple, easy and inexpensive add-ons can make your Optimus Liquid Vaping into an Oil, Wax or herbal experience - again, making the Optimnus a Great start! Again, it's singularly Spectacular !!! My 1 regret is they don't sell Mystic Menthol in 30 ml bottles, HA! You can trust this company, Brandy and especially Faye - they All seem to be the Genuine Folks you'd like to have as neighbors. btw... they also have individual units for each and every need you have. I'll trust Atmos with Faye any-day, Period.

  • I cannot express how thankful I am that Marybeth answered the phone when I called customer support! Marybeth sat on the phone with me for an HOUR, while I was deciding which pen to get. She was so nice, answered all of my questions, and helped me decide on which was the best for my needs. Marybeth sets the standard for amazing customer service!!!! Her knowledge of the products, kindheartedness, and patience is inspiring! Please keep up it up! It's this type of outstanding customer service which sets AtmosRX apart from other companies. If there is any reason i would recommend this company to friends, it's because of the level of service Marybeth provided for me!!! Thanks agian!

  • I got the optimums on a groupon a couple months ago & was my first vape pen so i wish that I would have gotten better instruction book with it..thank gawd for internet & YouTube. I have bought raw attachment, A-pen attachment & it came with bullet attachment & i can say I'm very happy, so happy that I just bought my friend the raw starter kit & was pleased to see the much nicer user manual. so far w/raw attach its worked beautifully I want to try it w/the glass/mesh screen, also I just got the brush & I do clean it every day. so I said I would write a review after a couple of months so here it is! very happy & will try other Atoms products

  • I had problem with the heating chamber. After calling the co. I bought my vap from. And then Atmos I was able to talk to Dulanine a very up beat positive young lady that explained what the problem was and what the company would do to help fix the problem. She went above and beyond! I got the replacement part in a few days and every thing is working great. So I would like to thank Dulanine you deserve a bonus! I ve told every one to buy your product keep up the good work. The yankies up north thank you!!!!

  • Brandy did a wonderful job in helping me to get my AtmosRX pen on the track to get fixed. She was very quick about her work and was very kind and nice.

  • The rubber piece that presses the power button on my Atmos Jr camo kit tore. I used the live chat support option at about 2:30 pm eston a Friday, logged in, and typed in my inquiry of how to receive a new button. Brandy quickly responded with a convenient resolution and told me that she would ship out some replacement pieces today. I'm very pleased with this resolution. I will write another review once I receive the package.

  • Wonderful service by Brandi. Gave me suggestions to use my machine, answered my calls promptly, and was super friendly. She is a great!!!