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  • I called for some information about vaporizers. Bethany was awesome! Not only did she help me find one that was right for me, she was helpful with finding another item also for a friend. Bethany was courteous, helpful and smart about your products also. Taking time with each question I had and answering each one. And I did have a lot of questions since I'm a new purchaser. Can't wait to get my product! Thank you Bethany!!

  • Just spoke with Martha at ATMOSRX and was very pleased at the GREAT!!! customer service I received. She put my mind at ease regarding the replacement of my unit... Thank you Martha in I think she said she is in Texas, Great job!

  • FAYE IS THE BOMB BY THAT I MEAN SHE IS A GREAT ASSET to your company. to me she took care of all my needs. (she knows the products extremely well, very intelligent). She scores a 20 out of 10 point scale!!!!!!!!

  • Hello, A few months back, I was having constant issues with my Thermo that I purchased from you. I had bought multiple replacement parts continually before calling for help. At that time, I reached Dulaini M there. She and I talked through the issues, and she suggested I try the Optimus 510 instead. Dulaini knew exactly what I needed to pick a good product for me, and she was incredibly helpful sorting through all that. After having the Optimus a few months now, I absolutely love it. Dulaini was right. However, I now have two busted batteries and wanted to buy another Optimus 510 cartridge and then saw the new Bulb cartridge so was going to buy that too. I contacted support and was told to call during business hours. However, I had e-mailed Dulaini because it can be hard for me to call during business hours. Dulaini immediately replied with everything exactly right - replacement on the batteries + purchase of 2 new cartridges. I called her to give her a CC number, and we chatted. Through both of these instances, Dulaini has been both a pleasure to work with and super responsive and helpful in directing to me products. I want Atmos to know how great she has been. She's truly one of the best customer service people I've ever dealt with, anywhere. Always on top of everything, responsive, and super helpful and informative about the products. Thank you so much, Dulaini!!!!!

  • My order took literally a month and a half to complete. NOT because of Atmos nor their CSA's, but because of me. ATMOS is incredible and I am not one who writes reviews, but I wanted to compliment the ATMOS CSA's Fay and Brittany, these ladies were BEYOND patient with me and when my order gets here, I may just write another one about the product itself. For now, I want to wish the company continued success and ask that you continue to reward these CSA's well because their skillful handling of customer needs and knowledgeable expertise in your product line continues to grow your business.ROCK ON!

  • It's taken me 2 months to get through the learning curve of this new type of vaporizing and during that time I have had numerous conversations with 3 different customer service and tech reps. I have to say that were it not for the absolutely best customer service I have ever received from any company, I most likely would have given up and wrote off the starter kit as a waste of money. Brandy has been so helpful, patient and kind that I kept on trying to make it work. She has spent a lot of time on the phone educating this old lady and her response time is always fast when I send an email. I finally learned how to properly take care of and use my vaporizer and I'm a very happy customer and Atmos should be very proud of their employees. Brandy, Dulaine and the other gal whose name I don't remember (so sorry) are the front line between the customer and the company and they are top notch. I hope the president of the company reads these testimonials as they are his greatest asset!!! This unit is unlike all others and is what I would consider high maintenance as it has to be cleaned every single day. Messy, but the end result is what really matters and that is excellent. Have to be very careful not to pack it too full or it won't work. Also have to be very careful to not disturb the heating coil or it will easily break. All that said, this does it for me when I do it right!

  • I recently bought an atmos junior online. when the unit arrived it broke after the first day, and when customer service told me there was nothing they could do for me as it was purchased online i was really let down and left a review to that effect. Bethany called me monday first thing and explained to me that it could not be covered due to the fact it was a fake! beware cheap counterfeit products! even after my bad review and buying a fake pen she took the time to explain the problem and offer a solution, thank you

  • I had problems with a products I had but was handled pretty quickly, I had to wait five days but that was expected for shipping. I talked to a customer service rep named delani she was very helpful and knowledgeable about the products got me thru it fast pretty happy.

  • After buying my Atmos junior from a local shop (Village) in Lil Five Points 3 days later it was completely inoperable. I Was so upset especially when the shop I purchased it from would not even exchange it but even worse didnt offer any tech advice (they R the worst!!) I called Atmos customer care and got Faye who did the most impressive customer care initiative. Once iSent my USB x charging piece by Fed Ex she 2 day AIR mailed my new pieces which was comforting, I was so upset b4 speaking to her. I received the USB x Charger x that still didnt work she got on 3 way w/ Atmos tech x they found the problem was the heating chamber x iGot that piece expedited to me so quickly between while I was working iForgot I was w/o my Vape which iLove by the way. My Junior works incredibly x iPlan on getting accessories x more Atmos products b/c of the quality x most importantly the customer care by Faye. U have gained a lifelong customer b/c of her...please do something special for her. Thanx again Atmos x thank you immensley for your dedication Faye. CSHOT Forever Fly LLC

  • very bad bought 2 atmos pens both are giving me problems called atmos they charged me another 30 dollars to ship my batterys then they did not work ether i doubt this review will be posted but dont order the rx dry herb one