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  • I want to thank Atmos, and especially patty and delany, for the most excellent customer service I've had in my 65 years... you're the best

  • After over 20 years of being married we decided to spice it up a little bit and got the Intimacy 5 ml bottles and the Atmos vaporizer kit. Thank you Atmos for your product, this has been an awesome experience and something we’ll be using more often.

  • Hey Atmos! Your custom cases are really cool! Everyone keep asking me where can they get it, and when they see my Atmos vaporizer is inside they can’t wait to get their hands on one. I like that there are a lot of styles to choose from each one is cooler than the next.

  • Bought the Atmos A-Pen Vaporizer kit, my best buy ever! Easy to use, convenient and discreet; carry it with me everywhere I go - even to my college classes because it looks just like a pen!

  • After reading reviews i want to warn people about the negative ones.. most sound to be people that are the issue not the company as well as the people in majority of all comments are the same people just bashing atmos and trying to make it sound like a group of people agree with their negativeness. I had issues online with getting my cc to go through. It had already put 2 100$ holds for me trying and i was annoyed. I got on echat with a shi*** mood already and was ready to chew the rep out for my frustrating experience. After about 10 min i had my order complete and the csr rep had turned the situation around. I was extremely suprised how GREAT the customer service was, and im not just saying because they helped me get my order fixed but this was the 1st time ive ever felt i was dealing with a live person on echat. She was knowledgeable and really friendly her name was Bethany. Id purchase from these guys again just because they had her on thier Staff. Their products rated at the top of a ton of review sites for both liquid, solids and concentrates. Their website is easy to navigate and their prices are completely fair for what your buying. Tip for ordering. . Make sure to make a account if you billing address is different from your mailing. It will insure you won't have issues like i did. Thanks atmos..

  • Thanks Atmos Nation for your great line of products. Your Customer Service team helped me to decide which one to get based on my personal needs; they took the time to explain each one until I was happy.

  • The Atmos Optimus vaporizer pen rocks! This thing is really easy to fill and it vapes in no time @ all. Love that I can see the contents @ a glance - Nice job Atmos!!

  • I got the Atmosrx last month and cant put it down..... my girlfriend ordered it online at there site atmosrx.com and i found the oil cartirdges at a dispensary (I live in LA where the oils are legal)..... my kit did come with an empty cartridge, so im sure you can fill it on your own...... but i bought a cartridge for 30.00 and its said to hit at least 150 puffs...... so far i did about 50, and im getting good tokes, lots of vapor and most importantly geting high, takes me about 5 hits to feel it. I recommend this product!!

  • Thank you thank you thank you Andrew and Patty for your help. I appreciate your attention. I love the product, it was recommended to me by cup winner Selecta Nikka t in Denver at the cup. Now I too can recommend the product and customer service to my friends.

  • I just got my custom skin for my AtmosRx battery and couldn’t wait to let you know how happy I am with it! I follow the instructions and it was really easy to put on, I removed it to make it more even and it got back on real easy. My pen looks amazing! It’s easy to clean too and the fact no one else has it makes me the envy of all my friends!