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  • After reading all the positive reviews, it should've come as no surprise that the Atmos customer service is stellar, but the actual experience is even better than the reviews!! I was helped by AURI, who was simply amazing! Patient, efficient, attentive, helpful, an absolutely wonderful representative of the Atmos Nation. Thank you Auri!

  • I talked with Juliana and it was the easiest and best customer service experience ever!

  • ok so i just had one of the most pleasant customer service experiences I've ever had. Thank You Auri!

  • Well what can I say, your products are top notch your warrenty program proves that you stand behind them. But Bethany is and has helped me in so many ways, she is by far the most knowledgeable person I have ever delt with, while all along she can make me feel like family. Now I have read ALOT of customers comments and almost all of them mention her.. GIVE THIS GIRL A RAISE !! Tthank you Atmos and thanks Bethany..

  • Hi, Thanks. I didn't mention this before because I didn't want to sound like I was making it up so I could get something, but I've been recommending your products for a while now. I've tried several of your pens and have liked all of them. Each is a little different, but all have performed well. My friends look forward to each new one. Many ask which is right for them. Everyone seems to like a different style, but all go with Atmos. Quality products and great customer service is hard to beat. Thanks again. Tom Crawford

  • BEST IN CLASS! I have ordered several products from ATMOS to take advantage of the best delivery systems they make. I am 100% satisfied with the quality and performance of their products and will continue to check in to see whats new. I have referred them to all my friends. But I also want to point out one individual who has made the ATMOS experience one of the best. I'm not a rocket scientist and sometimes I just don't get it and need HELP! I contacted ATMOS through their One Line CHAT which is available on the bottom of their web site pages. I had the extreme pleasure to work with one of their CHAT personal on several occasions in regards to help walk me through some of the products features that I had questions on. Her name is Bethany and she is the best at what she does. HELPS! I found her to be friendly, polite and very knowledgeable about the features of the ATMOS products. She helped me out and I thanked her for that. My only suggestion to the owners and managers of ATMOS is they give her a raise and the recognition she deserves. She is a rare find in the world of customer satisfaction and should be rewarded for her efforts to be the best in customer service. I can only hope that she is available when I need help. Than you Bethany, your the best. And ATMOS, you rock!

  • FANTASTIC product!! I purchased 2 of the Dart Special Edition Vaporizers off of Groupon and they really are much nicer in person.. The fact they're sleek, and discreet makes it easy to tuck away in a pocket or in a slim wristlet, being they're about the size of a regular sharpie marker.. The adapters, the charger, and the little tool all fit inside a case the size of a sunglass case.. Cannot rave enough about this product.. Well done!!

  • Awesome products!!!Purchased the kiln and wow I can't believe the flavor it brings out in my materials.Recieved it within a week and customer service was great emailing back and forth promptly.Thank you Atmos!!

  • Faye is the best customer service rep ive come across in years. Out side of Atmos - Sirus radio, comcast , at&t etc... Really a vape company! :) awesome stuff there for us vape folks. I highly recommend Atmos i50watt box the new smaller one . And the amazing Kiln to go along with it! Such a great combo package . And if any issues come about.... Ask too talk to Faye ! Such a sweetheart and helpful, just incredibly knowledgable . Perfect ... If in the market for a mod box take this advise .. Atmos i50 watt or i50 TC with The Kiln! Nothing like it out there, as good as this! Thank you Faye and Atmos for the concern Of your customers ! Faye your #1 !

  • So i bought the Atmos i50watt sub ohm mod box with the 510 attachment comes with it.!:) ( not the TC) and its the freaking best! What a cool display on my screen. Such smooth pulls and true to its nature"*WP. Anyways i got the Kiln also, to go along with, and its the greatest invention ever lol, seriously!. Just make sure to keep it at 11watts unless you have a TC then 400degrees i would personally recommend. Now in saying all this i did burn out / my atmos kiln & it broke. Ok, well i was setting my i50watt box way too high!. I was going 15-18 watts and it does say on the box 15watts is ok, which i do believe!! But higher than 15 and you might just might have an issue and possibly crack the doughnut heating element. So i called and talked with a Fay** in customer / technician and she hooked me up with a great deal too replace my kiln and sent very quick! Great price! Wow such customer service in what she did. Some of the best! Atmos replaced my Kiln and then some! I recommend the Kiln , its the only atomizer i'll ever use. And the Atmos mod box also. Love how small the i50 watt box is and the feel + screen display! Killer combo Atmos i50w box + The Kiln! Top-shelf! The i50 TC/watt box is bigger but i bet its a crazy good vaporizer. I would pop a Kiln on top, set too 300degrees to start out and move up to 400degrees after a few pulls. Thank you Atmos!!