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  • The customer service manager was incredible. Not only did she givery me a ton of advice on trying to see if my device would work (to see if it may have been custom error -let's face it, most customer calls are from idiots who can barely function). She was incredibly patient, gave me all the options that were available to me and best of all she did not try to push the most expensive or the most amount that I thought I would need. I truly appreciated how she made me feel and hope you recognize her for her abilities and what an incredible employee you have#!

  • You know what, I wasn't happy at first but i'll stay an ATMOS customer just because of the support I received from Bethany. She cares and she does all she can to meet the customer's standards. ATMOS is lucky to have such an admirable rep such as herself. Keep employing people like her and it'll all go smoothly. Thanks again Bethany.

  • Excellent products (I own 3.) Even better customer service, Bethany is "FABULOUSSSSS" and funny too. I haven't been disappointed yet. Problems are handled quickly and pleasantly. Dennis Shafer, Bear, DelaWhere?

  • Not only do you back up your products with a warrenty but you customer service is top notch.. Friendly and knowlagable.. Thanks for all that you do.

  • I,d like to Thank Atmos for their quick services. Out of all the products I,ve have bought in the pass I,ve never had services like ATMOS their quick prompt and Curtis, I,ve recommend their products to all my friends and will continue to recommend them Thank you so much , you're 5 Thumbs with me . Thank again , Kathy Hayes Henderson NC

  • I just ordered and received my first Atmos vaporizing pen. I ordered the AtmosRx Dry Herb kit (and got a free battery, glass screen and mesh filter thrown into the deal for free!), and, of course, the hardest part is always the WAITING! Waiting for the delivery and then waiting for the battery to charge. I had just bought a Snoop Dogg G pen off an Amazon site, and when it got here (and after waiting for the battery to charge, of course), I put it together, loaded it, and powered up... but wait... the light flashes 3 times... and then every time I push the power button, the light just flashes 3 times and... NOTHING!!! And, yes, I was pissed, so I emailed Grenco Science Co., the manufacturer of the Snoop Dogg G pen, and received an email back saying that none of their products are sold on Amazon, and if I bought one off EBay or Amazon it would more than likely be a counterfeit. So lesson learned! Buyers beware!!! Now the good part! After I got the Rx and charged the battery and put it together, it WORKED! Well, sort of... seems there's a small learning curve. You have to experiment with how much herb to put in, how tightly to pack it, and to take SLOW draws or puffs (when using the glass screen so that it vaporizes instead of just burning up the product). But now that I have those factors figured out, the pen works AWESOME! Vaporizes and gives just the slightest amount of smoke or vapor when you exhale, but delivers on the final end. I use Medical MJ for chronic back pain and insomnia. The pen works just as it's supposed to, and with a 5 year warranty, how can you go wrong. Plus they have every replacement part for all of their products. I plan on buying another of their pens soon. They have great products and a great customer support system. Plus if you really need assistance right away, they have videos on their products, along with dozens of other people, on You Tube, so you can get answers to most of your questions there if you need it.

  • Thank You ATMOS for the help in obtaining the VICOD 5G & Transporter! They are GREAT! I have Enjoyed theses two Products that I purchased myself for Christmas! Had search high and low for this type of equipment! Finally found an ATMOS pen, went to register & boom. Struck Gold! Thank you for Your Service & Products!

  • I bought a Vicod and love it, but when I got a Vicod 5-G I was delighted. I was surprised there was something actually better than the Vicod I was using. The Vicod 5-G draws easier and seems to heat the chamber more evenly so I use less material. And then there's The ATMOS Company. I did'nt know that this company was so well established. Quality products, and real Customer Service you can talk to, chat with or Email. They don't hide if you have a problem. And with a warranty nobody else even comes close to. Yea you could get something similar for less $$ but you better buy 2 or 3 to outlast the Atmos.

  • i would give 10 stars if i could! the atmos customer support team is helpful, kind and wonderful beyond belief.. i am their biggest fan!!

  • Thanks for the info it worked really well.... it draws like new... your customer support is superb. other vendors barely acknowledge ones existence r2