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  • Bethany is possibly my favorite and the most helpful customer support representative that I've come across at Atmos (or anywhere else for that matter). I had many questions about my Atmos Jump, and she was not only patient enough to read through my whole email of problems, but she kindly answered every single one of them to the very best of her abilities. There was one problem that we couldn't quite figured out, so she went and got a whole Atmos Jump Vaporizer and charged it, and she is going to let me know what happens when the battery runs out to make sure mine is working properly. She has spent 3-4 days now helping me with my problems and she has been nothing but completely professional and courteous. Thank you so much for your on going help Bethany. You are amazing. Sincerely, M.James

  • Faye in the customer support division was absolutely the most helpful person on the Atmos customer support line that I talked to about wall adapters to charge my battery. I had tried other customer support representative but they didn't help nearly as much as Faye. Faye even went out and grabbed a Atmos charger for me and read me the exact specifications. To me this is EXCELLENT customer support. Faye went above and beyond her duties and it helped me in selecting the right charger for my Atmos Jump. Thank you Faye. Sincerely, M.James

  • I received excellent phone service and FOLLOW-UP from Bethany. As a relatively new vaper, I really appreciated this. She walked me through my preferences/needs and sold me products from the Atmos 510 line: B16 Variable Voltage Battery - 1600mAh, 2 S12 Cartridges, and the Wired USB Charger. Perfect. I especially like the design on the cartridge that allows the user to control the amount of air that mixes in on the draw. The variable battery works well, stays charged for hours on end, and has a full, firm grip. And Bethany was able to give me a good deal as consolation for opening and using the wrong product, which I had initially purchased from Atmos's website. (They understandably couldn't take it back for a refund.) BTW, I am a big fan of Atmos USA Liquids and use them exclusively.

  • Bethany on jivochat was extremely helpful! Very professional and helped diagnose my issue. A++!

  • Bethany is wonderful!! she assisted me step by step with assembling the unit she recommended for my needs, she is friendly & professional you are very lucky to have her :)

  • The Boss is BOSS. The Jewel is a JEWEL. The Dart is GREAT. Enjoy! :)

  • I've been messing around blindly as a new-to-vape person. Let me say that Atmos (made by Atmos Nation) is by far the best product I've used. I've even ordered more products. I was very disappointed by other products (so don't go there). Please note: you will lose your vape, or parts of your vape, unless you are somehow magic. So, trust me, go ahead and order two, extra accessories, etc. I've been luckier with my Boss (because it's bigger) but did lose the tip, so go ahead and get that extra accessory too, including the screens for it. The dart is great too. Very satisfied. If you read a lot of reviews, well, I already did, only to discover, and they're all really good too. Have fun!

  • Simply the very best vaporizer on the market. Customer service is great! Highly recommend The Dart Kit

  • I ordered an optimus V2 cartridge to pair with my R2 battery and decided to ask a representative if the two would match. I was paired with Bethany and all of my questions were answered perfectly and quickly. I couldn't have asked for better customer service. She let me know they wouldn't work together and informed me that the original optimus cartridge would. I was able to get my order changed and easily figure out which oils would work best with it. I must say i love atmos and the service is amazing

  • I Picked up the Atmos Transporter the other day admittedly I was skeptical because the fist atmos product I had, The Atmos Rx Dry herb kit combusted the material and did not vaporize, However I got home and charged up the transporter and was pleasantly surprised at the improvement you guys nailed it with this one...Nice thick smooth vapor without combustion two thumbs up I give this product 5 stars.