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atmos jump review
Atmos is one company that produces vaping pens that are really effective and work equally well with both essential oils as well as Dry herbs. It’s latest offering, the Jump Vape Pen for instance has been designed to work like a true vaporizer. The Jump is a dry herb vaporizer, powered by a 1200mAh battery, and it does not have temperature control option. It only has one default temperature, which actually turned out be spot on.
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atmos forge review
The Atmos Forge Kit is versatile with a 510 Threaded and temp control features. The best feature of the Forge Kit is its simplicity. Atmos provide dual coil atomizers with the Forge Kit and allow for an air flow control. It does a great job with Dabs and Oils. Good vaporizer with its inexpensive price tag.
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atmos vicod 5g
The Atmos Vicod 5G (v2) is the ultimate beginner and intermediate vaporizer. I was amazed by the amount of vapor I was able to produce with short (2-4 seconds) draws. With the extended mouthpiece, the vapor was smooth and crisp, and draw resistance was minimal. The oven is perfectly sized, and the interface is simple yet will allow precise temperature control. Atmos already released some of the best vaporizers I tested and it seems like the new Vicod follows the same line. It delivered in all aspects.
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atmos 510 e nail review
The Atmos 510 Studio Rig is universally designed to fit in ALL box mods and mod batteries. It features a titanium nail chamber for waxy concentrates and an additional ceramic chamber for dry herbs. It does a great job especially with wax, and the water attachment ensures smooth and good tasting vapor. This is the Best e-nail I tested that costs less than $100. Highly recommended.
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atmos kiln ra review
The Atmos Kiln RA is a ceramic wax attachment with a Rebuildable Atomizer 'RA'. This means that replacing the ceramic coil is much cheaper than before, and there is no need to replace the whole chamber. The Kiln RA comes as a 510 attachment or as a kit with a portable 950mAh lithium-ion battery. The Kiln RA is one of the best vape pens available today. Especially considering the relatively cheap price tag.
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atmos pillar review
The Pillar is a collaboration between AtmosRX and the rapper Tyga, and is compatible with both Dry Herb and Concentrate. In this review, we’ll go over unboxing, talk about the design, overview the interface, and load the Pillar with Dry Herb to test efficiency and vapor quality.
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atmos lor vaporizer review
The Atmos L’OR is specifically designed for concentrates. The L’OR Vape Pen uses Dual and Single titanium quartz coil which gives more flavor to your material by heating up evenly. The Atmos L'OR uses SnapTech magnetic technology that allows you to effortlessly separate the battery, atomizers, chamber cover, and the glass mouthpiece. This means no more threading, easy to clean, and making refill process much faster.
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atmos greedy 7
The Greedy Heating Attachment is made from Stainless Steel. It is compatible on ANY box mods and 510 batteries. Greedy can made some HUGE clouds and the heating chamber is MASSIVE - 10 times better than the Kiln or even the Boost e-rig. An attachment you can look forward to until its next great innovation.
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atmos q3 8
If you plan to vape mostly at home, the Q3 is your vaporizer. It is much smaller than an e-nail but way more powerful and agile than a vape pen. The triple quartz rod atomizer heats up quickly and together with the glass mouthpiece delivers rich and potent vapor. With a relatively cheap price tag, the Q3 is a great buy.
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atmos aegis 8
The AEGIS is very simple to use and will work well for a first timer, who is looking for a way into the vaporizer world. It heats up quickly and is easy to carry around. One thing I did not like was the design of the mouthpiece. I think the Atmos Pillar has better design and I would invest a bit more $ and go for the Pillar over the AEGIS.
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