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  • Shane is AMAZING! I never write reviews but I'd say that the customer service at Atmos is Awesome! And to be quite honest this is because of the wonderful woman answering the phones humbly known as Shane. She made my warranty exchange and new purchases a breeze. There is something to say about those that go above and beyond to please an satisfy a customer. And at Atmos at least in my experience the attentiveness and due diligence is off the charts. I would love to have an employee/partner like her. She deserves a raise or more commission or something. Completely made my day! Thank you Atmos for knowing how to value your customers. Blessings

  • I had an issue with my device which I had actually caused the ladies in customer service are so nice and professional and know exactly what they are doing they totally took care of everything. Great customer service thank you again.

  • I purchased a RUVA Kit back in March,2020, It has been the best vaporizer I have ever used to date and is easy to use and reliable. I just had an issue with one of the magnets in the mouthpiece and contacted customer service. The lady I spoke with was very helpful and offer4d to send out a replacement mouthpiece free of charge which I thought went over and above what I expected. I highly recommend Atmos and this RUVA.

  • Just received my order...a replacement heating chamber and the big surprise contents of the $20 surprise box. Folks the quality and amount of contents were far exceeding what I expected!!! Thank you

  • I can't believe this back around Christmas I took my wife to the cemetery to put flowers out. We made 6 or 7 stops. So when I went looking for my vape it was gone fell out the pocket of my door. I was heart broken! Middle of March back at the cemetery walking back to my car, I see this red thing in the mud. Driven over,rained on,snowed on. I couldn't believe it! Of course there's no way it would work. It still had a charge and it worked. Ha your product rocks

  • Very good website set up, ordered my products today and came with 4 free gifts. Can’t beat that!! Super excited to recieve my products.

  • I have used Atmos RX many times and am always satisfied with both the products and the customer service. They are my go to for all my needs.

  • All products are top quality. The discounts and offers are incredible. I like Atmos

  • I never really explored the oil vape options before, and i saw atmosrx on instagram and entered a contest and won! the package i received was amazing i never knew there were so many options i will definitely be buying from them in the future. Amazing people to deal with!

  • Excellent customer service! I had purchased a couple of products and the batteries wouldn't charge. After writing a review, I was informed that I would receive replacements. I received them today and several other gifts courtesy of Atmos. Thank you and I will definitely continue shopping with Atmos!