Atmos Nation LLC 1 Year Limited Warranty

Atmos Nation LLC (“Atmos”) offers a 1 Year Limited Warranty (the “Warranty”) on rechargeable Atmos products (the “Product(s)”) purchased at or through an authorized retailer.
Your receipt is required as proof of purchase. The Warranty covers damage caused by defects in material and workmanship, under normal use, for ONE (1) YEAR from the date of purchase for the original purchaser of the Product(s). Before submitting a claim, all Products must be registered with Atmos here. For Warranty claims submitted within 30 days of your purchase, Atmos will cover the cost of shipping to Atmos and back to you, the purchaser. For Warranty claims submitted more than 30 days after your purchase, the cost of the return label to Atmos shall be borne by the purchaser, and Atmos will provide the return label to you. Products received by Atmos with used cartridges, mouthpieces, atomizers, accessories, etc. will be discarded.

What is Not Covered by the Warranty?

The Warranty does not cover damage to your device(s) caused by negligence or human error, which includes, but is not limited to, the following: Damage caused by, or attributed to, chargers or accessories not recommended for, or intended/compatible for use with, the Product(s); Damage caused by cartridges, oils, waxes, and other matter; Damage caused by failure to properly clean and maintain the Product(s); Damage caused by accidents, misuse, abuse, moisture, liquids, humidity, overexposure to heat or cold, food, dirt, sand or other debris; Damage caused by operating the Product(s) outside the intended use as described by Atmos; Products that have been altered, modified, or previously repaired; Products with altered or removed serial numbers; and/or Cosmetic damage and ordinary battery degradation occurring or attributable to regular, intended use. The Warranty also does not cover: Free gifts, atomizers, coils, mouthpieces, chargers, or other accessories; Product(s) purchased through third-party reseller sites including, but not limited to, eBay, Rakuten, and OfferUp; Product(s) purchased outside of the United States; and/or sale, clearance, or otherwise discounted items.

Returns and Refunds

Atmos accepts returns on unopened and unused Product(s) purchased directly from within 14 days of receipt of your Product(s). The shipping cost for all unopened, unused returns shall be borne solely by the purchaser and all returned Product(s) are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Orders canceled prior to shipment are subject to a 15% cancellation fee.