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Electro Dabber Kit

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Atmos carries a wide variety of different vaporizers for dry herbs, oils & wax consistency products to help provide a product for everyone’s needs. All of our multi-purpose vaporizers are subject to our rigorous in-house engineering standards and are protected by our (5) year limited warranty to help provide you with the peace of mind that your multi-purpose vaporizer is built to last and will provide a long lasting vaping experience. Our vaporizers for dry herbs, oils & wax consistency products are versatile and highly portable, making them great for on-the-go vaping. And if you’re interested in achieving the best possible vaping experience, Atmos’ vaporizers for dry herbs, oils & wax consistency products are the perfect option. Each offers its own set of exclusive features and is built durable to help withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Each of our multi-purpose vaporizer kits come with everything you need to get started, including a lithium-ion battery, and charger. Just unpack your vaporizer and you’re ready to start vaping! You will be delighted by the performance that comes from using one of Atmos’ multi-purpose vaporizer products. And although many counterfeits try to duplicate our success, they fail to hold their devices to the same high standard of safety and quality control that we implement. And it’s because of these standards that we continue to redefine the standards of the vaporizer industry time and time again.

What is a Multi-Purpose Vaporizer?

Multi-purpose vaporizers are for users that want their vape pen to handle multiple products rather than forming a collection of different portable vaporizers. Just like shopping for a dry herb vape pen, oil vape pen, or wax consistency vaporizer, it is important to know what you want out of your portable vaporizer before making a decision. Multi-purpose vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes, but they usually have a product that they are made to be primarily used with. If your plan is to simply vape dry herbs, than you are usually better off buying a dry herb vape pen. If you are only interested in vaping wax consistency products, than a waxy vape pen is your best bet, the same goes for oil vape pens.

However, if you simply can’t decide, there are great all-in-one vaporizers and multi-purpose vaporizers to choose from. The key feature to look for when shopping through these vape pens is options. You want a portable vaporizer with maximum versatility, because each product has different requirements for vaporization, and the less options you have, the less likely the vape pen is to perform well with each product.

When looking for the best multi-purpose vape pen, the most important feature to look at is the heating chamber/tank. A heating chamber needs to be durable and resistant to oil if it is going to handle both wax consistency products and dry herbs. Oils on the other hand, require some amount of cotton or a wick. Generally speaking, multi-purpose vape pens will need an attachment if they are going to handle oils properly.

If you need help finding the best multi-purpose vape pen for you, or if you are having issues operating your current vaporizer feel free to contact our customer service team with any questions you may have. Our customer service team can be reached at (855) 633-3244.