Electro Dabber KitWaxy Vaporizer



The Electro Dabber is a multi-function, wax consistency vaporizer. It uses an advanced, uniquely designed atomizer to vaporize wax consistency products without needing to be loaded or packed like other portable vaporizers. This innovative design makes vaping on-the-go quicker and easier than ever before with it's unique reverse airflow path. Just place the heating element into your waxy product and start vaping! Alternatively, if you want to load your Electro Dabber to use it like a traditional vaporizer, you can use the included heating chamber. Just pack your chamber and flip it to use the additional mouthpiece on the bottom of the Electro Dabber. Both of the atomizers included with this kit use a quartz heating element designed to produce pure, flavorful vapor. The Electro Dabber is perfect for anyone interest in fast and easy wax consistency vaping.

Size: h 4.68in x w .55in

This Kit Includes:

1 – Electro Dabber

1 – Advanced Waxy Heating Tip

1 – Quartz Waxy Heating Chamber

1 – Micro USB Charger

1 – User Manual


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