Nano Prime Plus Set Variable Voltage Battery 360mAh


The Nano Prime Plus battery represents forward innovation at its finest. Retaining the power and ease of use of our original Nano Prime, the Prime Plus is the perfect choice for both e-liquid and oil cartridges. Using Atmos’ proprietary spring-loaded connection, the Prime Plus is compatible with most refillable or pre-filled cartridges. One-button operation, automatic sensor control, three variable voltage settings, and both automatic and manual operation mode also make their return. A redesigned layout improves access to the USB charging port as well as providing a more satisfying, balanced size and weight for maximum comfort. Better still is the unique Pre-heating function that ensures a smooth draw from the get-go. Balancing technical prowess with a compact size has always been the hallmark of the Nano series – bring home the best with the Nano Prime Plus today!

This item comes with a free Free Gift Offer! 1 x Ceramic Silver Tip 0.5ml Cartridge3 x Nano Cartridge Clear Single1 x 510 Flat Tip Cartridge 1ml1 x Stainless Round Tip Cartridge 0.5ml - Single1 x Gold Round Tip Cartridge 0.5ml - Single

This Kit Includes:

1 – Nano Prime Battery 360mAh ( Patent Protected )

1 – Micro USB Charger


  • Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Capacity: 360mAh
  • Voltage: Red: 3.2V Green: 3.7V Blue: 4.2V
  • Height: 3.88in
  • Diameter: 0.5in
  • Charger Type: 510
  • Protection: Dual PCB / IC protection
  • How to Operate the Nano Prime PLUS:
  • 1) Press the power button (5) times in rapid succession to turn the battery on/off.
  • 2) To cycle through voltage settings press the power button (3) times in rapid succession.
  • 3) To activate the automatic pre-heat mode, press the power button (2) times in rapid succession.
  • 4) Inhale to use the automatic operation mode or press and hold the power button for manual mode.