Studio Rig Titanium Nail ChamberWaxy Cartridge


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The Studio Rig Titanium Nail Chamber is designed to fit into the Studio Rig Chamber Connector. The Nail Chamber is made of pure titanium and has a solder-less composition to evenly vaporize wax consistency products producing pure and flavorful draws.

Developed & Designed by Atmos Nation. ( Patent Pending. )

Resistance: 0.35ohms


Caution: There is no form of temperature control built into the Studio Rig or heating chambers compatible with the Studio Rig. Therefore, the temperature of the heating element and of the stainless steel housing is entirely dependent on user operation. Heating chambers compatible with the Studio Rig can reach extremely high temperatures if used improperly, putting both the user and the device at risk of harm. Atmos does not take any responsibility for personal injury, or any form of damage caused by misuse of the Studio Rig. Let the heating element and all portions of the device in contact with the heating element cool before handling. 

To ensure peak performance, when using the Studio Rig with compatible heating chambers and a variable wattage battery, we recommend using a range of 15-25 Watts. Pulsing rates and discharging rates vary with different brands of batteries, so these settings will not be true for all brands of batteries. We highly recommend starting at 5 Watts and moving up slowly if needed.


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