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  • The New Atmos Thermo W .. Nice Big Clouds !!! Take my word for it . This company will do anything it takes to make there customers HAPPY ! Try them your self and see .. Thanks for designing an amazingly easy to use Wax vaporizer .

  • Just got my atmos nail in the mail and 100% happy with the Purchase and product Best vape pen I've used

  • I am so impressed with these products but most of all by Bethany, and Pat they have been so helpful to me in selecting these vapes. thank you very much for all that you have done really thank you. you guys are perfect.

  • Just placed my order for a Nail 510 after reading wonderful reviews of a variety of Atmos products. I had done extensive research beforehand but still had a series of questions and quandaries in choosing between the Nail and the Thermo V2. To anyone reading this testimonial, there's a reason why Bethany's name is all over these reviews... If you have any question.. Call her. Even if you don't I would suggest placing your order with her. Possibly the most helpful person I've ever spoken with. She gives you all sorts of info and goes beyond just answering your questions. Incredible customer service! Can't wait to get the device in my hands!

  • So I just purchased my Nail 510. The only thing better than that, is the customer service I received from Atmos. Bethany and Michael are simply amazing. They are both extremely knowledgeable and worked overtime to help resolve my issue. Thank you so much. I am going to tell all my friends to buy their vapes from Atmos.

  • I would like to take the time to thank Bethany in your customer service department. She is a ray of sunshine everytime I speak with her and has provided great advice and customer service. I work in the customer service industry and am very impressed with her people skills. The entire staff, including Patty, have been nothing but helpful and fulfilled all of my needs. Bethany goes the extra mile and makes sure I am a satisfied customer. I wish more people were as kind as she was, it would make the world a better place. I am more than impressed with the products produced by this company and will continue to recommend the product and the site. This is definitely marked as one of my favorites on my computer! If you haven't tried the product, I recommend the Raw! It is perfect! I have every color! Love them all. Anyways, great service and Bethany is absolutely the best! Thank you Bethany for all of your hard work and time. It is much appreciated!

  • Hi Atmos Team!!! I have an I olite and I bought but returned instantly the thermo vape... I would just like to tell you on behalf of myself (as I am not easily pleased nowadays).. that I think your vaporiser Kicks Ass!!.. Big time !!! Not only is it Delightful looking device, it fits so wonderfully in your hand, a perfect weight to play with, it screws together in a classy but un awkward fashion, it lights up.. (lol) the hit and the high it produces is to be honest down right incredible and very satisfying... So all in all I will definitely recommending and would like to thank you for creating a fantastic device :) Cheers Atmos

  • I love my Atmos vaporizer! I appreciate the intelligent design and ease of use. The Atmos vaporizer is the finest vaporizer I have ever used. However, the best thing about Atmos, is their excellent customer support. Patty has been extraordinarily helpful and knowledgeable. She has given me the best customer support and service I have EVER received!! Patty knows everything about the Atmos products and is a pleasure to deal with. The company stands behind their products and offers the gold standard in terms of customer service! Go Atmos!!!

  • hey y'all. have you been wanting to buy a vaporizer?? maybe you're not happy with the one you've got now?? Get yourself an Atmos Rx Vaporizer. They have a few different products, some for herbs, some for oils, some for both. For the price, you can't beat them. They're an American company that stands by their product. If something goes wrong, they'll fix it. Also, they ACTUALLY answer emails/phone calls and FB messages personally. It makes me wish i had a need for multiple vapes just so i can support these fine folks.

  • I want to thank Atmos, and especially patty and delany, for the most excellent customer service I've had in my 65 years... you're the best


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We are now implementing a 5 year limited warranty program. Please retain your receipt after purchasing your vaporizer. To be a part of the program, you must register your AtmosRX® Vaporizer online.