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  • this product is so very easy to use i bought this unit and it was great i told about 6-7 friends about it and they loved it i had a problem with the connection part of the unit i had the warranty i sent the unit to be fixed they did not just fix the problem but total replaced and sent me extra devices they where very to deal with and i know my friends will buy 1oh and mine was the liv vaporizer

  • Amazing device. Performance is excellent. IMHO, this is the new standard from which all others will be judged. Not insulting the others, but the Atmos Orbit truly is the next level. Atmos just hit a grand slam with this baby:)

  • This does everything it advertises. I'm very happy with my purchase. I believe the BOSS is essentially the same as the "Dry Herb" but with an embedded heating element. I seriously love this thing.

  • Awesome site & products. Easy to navigate and detailed descriptions of products. I love it'

  • I have only been a smoker for under 2 years, smoking menthol cigarettes. It's a long story, starting with a very painful disease called RSD. The habit just helped distract me from the pain.SO-a friend was worried for me a bought me a vaporisor along with Atmos' MYSTIC MENTHOL e-liquid. :-) It is so smooth, with the barest HINT of a sweet finish. So thank you Atmos! You turned me from a smoker to a Vapor and I am now buying some of your other e-liquids to 'broaden my palette' ;-)

  • This company's product line is extremely well-made. Their customer service staff are both courteous and knowledgable about their products too. In this day and age I find it refreshing to be treated with so much respect. I completely recommend doing business with Atmos, you won't be disappointed. I have never written a review before, but these guys merit a good one.

  • 5 stars in my book for sure! I would recommend this to anyone any everyone in the market for a product like this. With the glass screen you definitely vaporize ground up herbs like advertised but.. it seemed to be a little more work than I'd like (personal preference). Therefore I'm using "wax and waxy" substances instead and oh boy this thing it's amazing!! Comparing to a lot of extensions to normal e cigs or the "g pen" this thing is worth the extra dollar. Sincerely a happy customer- k

  • This company is most definitely the most efficient and professionally run in the field. I've never once had a single problem, unlike other sites which forgot to ship, or other disasters. I highly recommend these guys.

  • i appreciate you for blessing me with such an amazing product. I hope to love it and play with it in open fields for days to come

  • Hi Atmos,
    Recently, I purchased a Atmos Junior Pen from my local shop here in Colorado. Having never used a vaporizer pen, I was solely looking toward the staff to advise me which pen to buy. They carried probably four or five types of pens and recommend the Junior above all. I bought some product to pair with my new purchase and went on my way.
    After a few weeks, I had grown fairly fond of the device. Finding its easy, sleek design to match what I also needed in convenience. Riding the chair lift had never been more enjoyable!
    In the morning a couple days ago, I walked to my car to find my pen splayed out on the pavement, crushed under the pressure of a passing car. Upset, I picked up the piece, now scratched and worn and inspected more closely. To my surprise the only surface-level structural damage was to the Atmos' trademarked "A" cap emblem that I readily snapped back into place. I brushed some asphalt off the pen and thumbed at the power button and, to my delight, it worked just fine!

    You guys make a seriously quality product. I mean, it got ran over by a car and still works. How can I stress that further? It is indestructible!

    Customer for life, D.



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