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  • Not only does Atmos make a fantastic vaporizer, their customer service is excellent across the board. The warranty provided for their units is easy to set up and the replacement process is pain free in the rare event you do have an issue. Bethany T in customer service assisted me on two occasions regarding my Orbit and made the process hassle-free and very pleasant. I would (and do!) recommend Atmos to friends any day.

  • Bethany was very helpful diagnosing my Atmos DW chamber problem. An abundance of patience and offered alternative solutions. Atmos is known for there innovative product line. People like Bethany lead Atmos by keeping long-term customers satisfied and being extremely helpful.

  • Thank you for the great customer service and warranty.

  • I had to take the time to write this because the customer care and support is unlike anything I have experienced. Absolutely fantastic service and when I had a problem they fixed it without hesitation. I did not have to ask, they just offered to make things right when other companies would not have even responded. This type of service will keep us coming back for all of our Atmos needs. Thank you for treating your customers with respect and kindness. I will be a loyal customer for as long as your around..Cheers, Douglas & Diane...

  • Online chat assistant Faye did a fantastic job helping me find the appropriate vaporizer for a friend of mine. I could not have finalized my decision without her assistance. I wish they had a survey following the chat sessions. Excellent assistance and patience too. Thanks Faye!

  • Seems there's alot of positive reviews for Bethany, and they're all 100% true! She is completely courteous and went above and beyond my expectations. A very pleasant experience and would do business directly with Atmosphere again.

  • I have done a lot of business with Atmos over the years but I prefer to deal with Bethany exclusively. She has proven time and again to be, by far, the best the customer service rep I have dealt with. She is attentive, thorough, and accommodating. I probably wouldn't be a repeat customer were it not for her.

  • Bethany was the friendliest and most helpful customer support person I've ever contacted,she was very knowledgeable and capable of very rapid responses to all my questions with high accuracy. Thank you Bethany!

  • Bethany is possibly my favorite and the most helpful customer support representative that I've come across at Atmos (or anywhere else for that matter). I had many questions about my Atmos Jump, and she was not only patient enough to read through my whole email of problems, but she kindly answered every single one of them to the very best of her abilities. There was one problem that we couldn't quite figured out, so she went and got a whole Atmos Jump Vaporizer and charged it, and she is going to let me know what happens when the battery runs out to make sure mine is working properly. She has spent 3-4 days now helping me with my problems and she has been nothing but completely professional and courteous. Thank you so much for your on going help Bethany. You are amazing. Sincerely, M.James

  • Faye in the customer support division was absolutely the most helpful person on the Atmos customer support line that I talked to about wall adapters to charge my battery. I had tried other customer support representative but they didn't help nearly as much as Faye. Faye even went out and grabbed a Atmos charger for me and read me the exact specifications. To me this is EXCELLENT customer support. Faye went above and beyond her duties and it helped me in selecting the right charger for my Atmos Jump. Thank you Faye. Sincerely, M.James


Contact customer support at (855) 633-3244 or click here to chat live with one of our online representatives.


We are now implementing a 5 year limited warranty program. Please retain your receipt after purchasing your vaporizer. To be a part of the program, you must register your AtmosRX® Vaporizer online.