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Check out all of the latest and greatest vaporizers we have to offer! Since its inception, Atmos has been redefining the vaporizer industry by setting the standard for what a true and powerful portable vaporizer is. And as we continue to grow, we carry this tradition onward by regularly releasing new products that work more effectively and easily than ever before. All of our portable vaporizer pens are uniquely designed with optimal heating methods and state-of-the-art safety features to ensure lasting performance and ease of use. All of our best portable vaporizer pens are subject to our rigorous in-house quality control standards. And we back all of our rechargeable products with our comprehensive 5 year warranty program, offering a sense of security to all of our customers. Atmos’ best vaporizer pens are also highly portable. Each is designed to optimize convenience, and to maintain a stealthy appearance so customers can feel comfortable using their portable vaporizer pens wherever they go. And our vaporizers come in a wide variety of colors and sizes to help match everyone’s style and preference, making them not only convenient and powerful, but fashionable as well. Be sure to check out our new arrivals page regularly, as we are always coming out with new and inventive portable vaporizer pens!

Why Buy a Vape Pen?

Portable vaporizers bring the experience of a clunky desktop vaporizer to the sleek and convenient form of a vape pen. Vaporizer pens give you the opportunity to discreetly vape dry herbs, oils, and wax consistency products from a device that fits into your pocket!

Atmos has one of the largest selections of vape pens, giving you the ability to find the best vaporizer for you. Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries, portable vaporizers come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and compatible substances. Oil vaporizers are great for delivering oils, with or without nicotine. Dry herb vape pens allow you to vaporize a number of legal dry herbs while on the go, a process that only a few years ago would have required glass pipes or desktop vaporizers. For wax consistency products, wax vape pens offer a convenient solution. Atmos offers all of these options along with multi-purpose vaporizers that are compatible with some, or all, of the previously listed options. No matter what you are in searching for, Atmos has the portable vaporizer to meet your needs.

Understanding Vape Pens

There are a wide array of vaporizer pens. The most common design is a long slim vaporizer that resembles a “pen”, hence the name. Portable vaporizers typical consist of three parts: the battery, the atomizer/heating chamber and the mouthpiece.

The battery is the powerhouse of the vaporizer. When looking for a vaporizer battery it is important to look at a few key aspects before purchasing one. The first is the battery’s capacity. The capacity determines the longevity of the vape pen’s battery life. The higher the capacity, the longer your portable vaporizer will be able to function. The second is the amperage rate. The amperage rate of a battery determines how much power the battery can put out at any given time. When using an oil mod or a device that exceeds 50 watts, the amperage becomes more important and more important.

The atomizer and heating chamber are what determine the compatibility of the portable vaporizer and how the product will be vaporized. Dry herb vape pens utilize heating chambers, almost exclusively, while wax consistency vaporizers can utilize either a heating chamber or an atomizer. Oil vape pens usually use atomizers. Heating chambers can be made of a variety of materials including: stainless steel, quartz, ceramic, and hard anodized metals. Each material has its own benefits and downsides. It is recommended that customers look into each material before buying a vape pen that suits their needs. Atomizers for oils typically utilize cotton in conjunction with a metal coil, made of NiChrome, Titanium, Stainless Steel, or Kanthal. Atomizers for wax consistency products can come in a variety of different forms, from stove top metal coils, rod shaped heating elements, and oil style heating elements.


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We are now implementing a 1 year limited warranty program. Please retain your receipt after purchasing your vaporizer. To be a part of the program, you must register your AtmosRX® Vaporizer online.