A Beginners Guide to Vaporizers: Part 1

If you’re not well acquainted with vaporizers, it can be somewhat intimidating to make a decision while looking at the wide array of vaporizers out there. In response to the massive amount of questions we get every day regarding this topic, we decided to put together a short guide on some of the best vape pens for beginners.

The first question would be, what do you want to vape?

Not surprisingly, some people are caught off-guard by this question. In their minds the only vaporizers out there are small liquid-based vaporizers. But there is so much more out there! Vaporizers for dry herbs, for wax consistency products, and of-course for e-liquids. For simplicities sake, we will start with the e-liquid vaporizers.

The Best Vape Pens for Beginners: E-Liquid Vaporizers

E-liquid vaporizers are perfect for those looking for a similar experience to a hookah. E-liquids come in a wide variety of flavors and tastes, and when you start to look at some of the fantastic flavors out there, it becomes immediately apparent why so many people enjoy e-liquid vaporizers. Now, the confusion surrounding e-liquid vaporizers comes when we start discussing terms like sub-ohm, mods, variable watts and volts, and so-on, but rest easy, these are terms that are reserved for cloud-chasers, people such as myself who have traversed far down the rabbit hole never to return to standard vaporizers again. And if you are interested in those types of vaporizers, rest assured we have them, we’ll talk about them, but this article is for the new guys so go relax while we try to find the best vaporizer for beginners.

To find the best vape pens for beginners, or better put the best vaporizer for you, we need to look at what you want. Start simple, there is always room for upgrades later on. A good place to start would always be the basics, a standard Optimus battery, similar to the ones you generally see around in public, and a compatible cartridge.

Is maintenance going to be a hassle? Not at all, e-liquid vaporizers come with small steps to maintain them, and we are talking about finding the best vaporizer for beginners here. The cartridges themselves can either be disposable meaning you will need to buy new ones when they finally burn out. Or they will have replicable atomizers, a heating element that utilizes cotton to vaporize your liquids. Either way this is the only maintenance necessary aside from regularly refilling your chambers and charging your batteries. Easy enough? We think so too.

With this in mind the best vaporizer for beginners that we could recommend would be kits like the Optimusthe Nano, and the PIQ.


Keep an eye out for our latest blog posts, as we will be continuing the Beginners Guide to Vaporizers series to talk about wax vaporizers, as well as the infamous dry herb vaporizers as well. In addition, we are always releasing new products on our website AtmosRx.com, so be sure to head over there. We have products that meet everyone’s needs, whether you’re looking for the best vape pens for beginners or something more technical and powerful.

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