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    Mike Ebbz

    Q: My question was the battery life in your pens , Do you plan to develop a Pen with an extensive battery life for frequent users??

    A: We do! It’s a little tougher with pens, as you’re limited on size for the battery. We have already started releasing box mods, with much higher battery capacities. But as far as pens are concerned, we’re planning on using Li-Poly batteries more, as they’re more flexible and easier to mold, making high capacity batteries easier to fit into smaller devices.

    Joshua Schacter

    Q: Is there a more cost efficient way to get replacements parts sent to Canada?

    A: Unfortunately international shipping cost is something hard to work around. On top of the extra costs to us, UPS, FedEx and Canadian customs each have their own set of charges that are completely separate from Atmos, meaning they bill the receiver directly. Sadly, that’s just a reality of international shipping.

    Kevin Braun

    Q: Will atomos be coming out with any email type bubblers in the future and what is the next big thing for atmos?

    A: We have! The new Atmos Studio Rig is a great e-nail attachment. If you already have a box mod, other than the i30 which can’t handle the resistance of the Studio Rig, you can simply buy the attachment. It includes a dry herb heating chamber as well as the traditional titanium nail. Which makes it work stunningly well with wax consistency products and dry herbs. As far as what we have planned for the future, well we have a lot of big things in the works that we want to get out, including some collaborations and some stand-alone projects. That’s about all I can say about it for now.

    Bob Casselman

    Q: What is the best way to clean the heating chamber after using our vaporizer? (to protect it)

    A: When cleaning a dry herb vaporizer, we would definitely recommend soft rubbing with a cleaning brush. Wax consistency products however, are a little more difficult. Using alcohol wipes, or cotton swabs soaked in alcohol works very well. If the piece in question is a mouthpiece or something completely electronic free, you can even go as far as soaking it in a soap/water solution over night. Connections on the device should regularly be cleaned with wipes or swabs, to ensure they remain in working order.

    Tori Gabriel

    Q: What are the dos and donts of vaping in public?

    A: Generally speaking, just use common courtesy. Don't blow vapor into stranger’s faces, keep it away from children, and if a store has a no vaping policy, don’t vape there. There are still a lot of people who feel uncomfortable with vaping, even with it’s boom and rise in popularity. I would suggest keeping it to a minimum in crowded places, and just respecting the wishes of those around you. Yeah, we get that it smells like strawberry custard, no, that doesn’t mean I’m fine with you blowing it in my baby&rsquol;s face.

    Anthony A Eads

    Q: "What makes you stand out from all the other vape pen manufacturers?

    I love my Atmos Pens but was wondering why Atmos chose the 710 threading on a number of their offerings?"

    A: When the vaping industry was still in its infancy, there was a lot of worry about people stealing designs, copying products, and selling counterfeit products that were made with a far inferior materials. Early on, Atmos decided that the solution to this was a unique threading, this sparked the creation of Atmos threading, 710 threading and the ancient stratus threading. Spoiler alert, it didn’t work at all, and it actually hindered the success of certain products, because mixing and matching brands is something that most people genuinely enjoy. We, obviously, noticed this, and if you look at all of our more recent product releases, they're all 510 threading. Unfortunately, counterfeit products are still a major problem, so make sure you buy directly from Atmos or one of our authorized resellers, and avoid sites like eBay when purchasing Atmos products.

    Steven Anaya

    Q: Is there a video or perhaps a guide available on how to clean my Atmos properly?

    Not yet! But we are working on creating a bunch of video guides to our products. We understand that you guys have a lot of questions, and we think visual tutorials will go a long way in effectively answering them.

    Karin Clark

    Q: Sometimes my atmos gets really hot. Is that normal? When that happens I unscrew the battery and let it cool down.

    A: “Unfortunately we’re missing a little bit of the information we need to really you get back on your vaping feet. But I’ll do my best to work with the information I have here.

    There are two things that could be causing your battery to heat up here, maybe more but two commonly occurring issues. The first is relatively simple, you’re heating chamber heats up with prolonged vaping, and sometimes this makes it feel like your battery is heating up as well. I get that this answer is sort of like the “Is it plugged in?” response you get occasionally when calling any IT number, but unfortunately it needs to be said for a reason, sometimes the computer really isn’t plugged in, and sometimes the battery isn’t really heating up.

    But what if it is? Well, this is generally caused by a battery short. Almost all of our batteries are equipped with short protection, dual IC protection, and fail-safe battery protection. This prevents any irreparable damage to the battery. So what can you do to fix a battery short? Well generally speaking a battery short is caused by the atomizer. So whatever you have attached is having an issue. If you replace the atomizer, and the resistance is normal, it should be working good as new! If it doesn’t, then there may be an issue with the connection between the battery and the atomizer, or with the battery itself. If that’s the case, you may have to replace the connection or the battery. Without any serious hardware, determining what the problem is, is a bit of a trial and error process. I would urge anyone with this issue to call in and speak to one of our customer service reps before spending money on replacement atomizers, batteries, or connections. You can always reach us at (855) 442-8667 or by emailing us at support at atmosrx dot com.”

    Edward Sullivan

    Q: Temperatures for different concentrates/flowers

    A: “Vaping is a pretty precise sort of thing. And optimal temperatures vary depending on the dry herbs your vaping, that being said, there is a general rule of thumb as far as sweet spots go, this is 446°F/230°C. As for wax consistency products, you generally want to keep it between 380-420°F. The reason we would call this the sweet spot, is because objectively it yields the most results, vaping the majority of the dry herbs instead of just partially. That being said, lower and higher temperatures do produce some interesting results in regards to the user’s reaction to the product. So don’t feel like you’re doing something wrong if you’re using a higher/lower temperature, since that may just be the temperature your body prefers.

    As for your second question, this topic still falls under a huge debate, and unfortunately, I don’t have a leg to stand on as far as “making health claims” goes. If we make them, the FDA will crucify me, and if I don’t I leave customers feeling unsafe. ;


    Q: “I find my Atmos Boss to be a super handy device but I do have a few questions:

    1) I find that I don't know how to pack the chamber with dry herb. I can’t seem to find any specific instructions online or in the pamphlet. I’ve tried different methods and sort of have something I like. Is it possible to provide more specific instructions on methods in future releases?

    2) Related to the first question, I find that it is not always easy to draw on the Atmos Boss. Even if I have only loosely loaded the chamber this seems to be the case. Am I doing something wrong or is it just a design issue?”

    A: Definitely! We’re actually working on a series of instructional videos now, and I’ll make it a point to cover proper packing in the future! For the most part with dry herbs, you want to pack the chamber so that it’s full, but you want the material to be loose and ground. To test this, you should be able to stir the materials in your chamber. And as far as trouble drawing is concerned, almost all cases we get that involve issues with drawing involve the mouthpiece. Just be sure to clean your mouthpiece whenever you have this issue, and you should notice a major improvement.

    Angela Yeager

    Q: I have a atmos junior pen for quite some time now more than 2 years and I have been using it as an dry ground herb pen, I have been searching for a new junior pen, but just realized that it is meant for wax, so is this true? And how was I able to smoke dry herbs for so long? Can I replace this same pen and still smoke dry herbs?

    A: You can definitely use the Junior with dry herbs if you want, but just note that the Junior does combust dry herbs, meaning it burns them, rather than vaporizing them. It’s designed to work with wax consistency products, but if you like using it with dry herbs, then by all means, go right on ahead and continue doing so.

    Gary Lipman

    Q: “I&rsdquo;d like to better understand what it means to be “a true vaporizer.” I've had an Atmos RX for almost three years and always thought it was a true vaporizer. Now I see this new term everywhere and would like to know what the difference is.

    I also want to thank you for the excellent and prompt service on delivery of accessories. My orders are processed promptly and accurately and when things are on sale, the prices are incredible.”

    A: The Atmos Rx is a true vaporizer, but only for wax consistency products. Back in the day, it was the only way to do an e-pen for dry herbs. However, today, we know a lot more about vaporizing different materials and how that functions. A “true” vape is simply a device that actually vaporizes a product. You can tell when a vaporizer is a “true” vaporizer by looking at your product after it’s used. Instead of being ash, it will simply be devoid of it’s original color. For more information on this, you can dig into the differences between convection and combustion.


    Q: Do the Junior kits support any type of wax? What I mean is any hardness profile?

    A: To an extent, yes. The more liquid based solutions will be a bit harder for the Junior to vape for you, and in those cases I would point customers towards the Boss Waxy Attachment, as it has the best chamber for that type of material. However, as far as super hard wax consistency products go, the coil method of heating is probably the best way to go as it provides a pretty substantial amount of heat.

    Michael Nadim

    Q: What inspired you to pioneer the very first model towards the electric cigarette movement, and when did you realize it was taking off?

    A: When we originally created the AtmosRX kit, formerly the RAW, we realized there was a community of people that wanted something easier to use than glass pipes and other clunky devices. Unfortunately at the time, the only real vaporizers out there were giant table top home models, so it was a pretty big leap for us to shrink it down to something that could fit in your pocket. As for when it was taking off, I would say the moment that really cemented it being a success was a while after it was released when HIGH TIMES named it the number one dry herb pen. Granted, a lot has changed since then, and we’ve come out with bigger and better devices, but we haven’t forgotten where we came from, that was a big moment for us, for the industry really.

    Traci Kroushour

    Q: I love all of my atmos products, but I am wondering why it is so hard to get get cases for my products? While each products comes in their own discreet packaging, I would like to carry my Atmos Vapes with me while I am out, but have yet to find a case.

    A: We have several cases for all different sizes of vaporizers. Check out our accessories page for access to cases, displays, and small accessories to help make your vaping more convenient.

    Alison Scott

    Q: Are replacement parts available? I lost my usb charger for my vaporizer.

    A: Replacement parts are most definitely available, check out the accessory page on our site for access to a rather extensive list of replacement parts and accessories.

    Chris Martin

    Q: How do you feel about the positive impact that your products have on the community?

    A: It warms our hearts! Helping people and satisfying the large community that's grown around vaporizers has always been our goal. We love the positive feedback, and we strive to keep consumers satisfied. So while it warms our hearts to see the impact it’s had on the community, we do tend to find ourselves continually reaching for more.

    Gina Gorski

    Q: What is the difference between ingredients “PG” and “VG”, and how do they respectively affect my vaping experience? Does the size of the battery/power directly affect the amount of nicotine available in the vapor?

    A: I’m going to start with your second question, as it is much easier to answer: yes yes it does. Not directly, but the size of your battery and the wattage you keep your battery set to make lung and throat hits harder and bigger respectively, which, in turn, affects how much nicotine you’re inhaling with each puff. That’s why switching from a pen to a mod can be a rude awakening for some people. They used 2.4m liquid on the pen, why is it so hard to take on the mod!? Because of the change in battery. As for PG and VG, PG stands for Propylene Glycol and is a much thinner liquid. Think of PG as your artificial flavorings, because that’s exactly what they are. And VG stands for vegetable glycerin, your natural flavorings. VG is much thicker, and it’s the reason why you see it more prominently in big glass bottles. For the most part, PG and VG are used in conjunction due to the strong taste associated with PG, and the natural factor of VG.

    Allyson Flory

    Q: Do multi-functional vaporizers (i.e. a vaporizer that can take both dry herbs and concentrates) work as well as single function vaporizers?

    A: Of course! They’re designed to handle both, but that doesn’t mean you need to use them for both.

    Reggie Nelson

    Q: Seeing a few instances in the local and national news of exploding batteries what is Atmos doing to help ensure safety?

    A: There’s a huge worry when it comes to exploding batteries, and obviously safety is our primary concern when it comes to designing new products. Generally speaking, exploding batteries really only occurs when an atomizer shorts, or the battery itself shorts causing it to rise in heat to the point of catastrophe. We here at Atmos are doing quite a few things to ensure this won’t happen to any of our customers. The first is improved safety, all of the batteries we currently have coming in are equipped with much higher safety functions than the majority of the market. Things like Dual IC Protection, High/Low Voltage Protection, Short Protections, and Fail-Safe Battery Protections are just a few examples of the lengths we go to ensure long-lasting, functioning batteries. The second, is customer education, we realize there’s a lot of technical work that we do behind the scenes that customers have little to no understanding of. And that’s okay! When I buy a stove, I really don’t know how the manufacturer keeps it from exploding, but I know they do. The difference between the stove analogy and the vaporizer analogy should be pretty apparent though, you can’t attach half of your stove to a different stove just to see what happens. That’s why when it comes to new products, we’ve been trying our best to go the extra mile to educate consumers about proper operation of their products. You would be surprised how far something as simple as that goes.

    Ronald Villaseñor

    Q: With everything going on with regulations on vaporizer with the FDA how is this gonna affect you or my purchasing or your products

    A: Short answer: hopefully not at all. Long answer, there’s still a massive amount of variables flying around this whole situation, but chances are as a company we’re more than capable of handling whatever they throw our way. So as far as you purchasing our product goes, you’re pretty darn safe.

    Michael Matrone

    Q: What’s the best texture of herbs to use in my Atmos Dry Herb Vaporizer to get the best results…fine small fakes or small chunks?

    A: It’s a little tough to say for sure without knowing the consistency of the dry herbs you are using, as some contain more moisture than others. But generally speaking fine flakes will work better than small chunks.

    Ryan Picard

    Q: What is the best position to place wax when loading the vape?

    A: Wax consistency products take a lot higher temperatures to vaporize than dry herbs, so generally speaking, you want your wax as close to the heating coil as possible. If the vaporizer you are using isn’t using an actual stove top style heating coil, you will generally place the product directly onto the heating element.

    Lorin Bailey

    Q: What is the best way to tell when the material being vaped is depleted?

    A: Fresh material is colorful and vibrant, after prolonged use, it will slowly drain to the point of being devoid of color. When it reaches this point, it is depleted.

    Kevin Calderón

    Q: “Hey guys, my name is Kevin Calderón from Dominican Republic. I would like to ask if you are interested in expand your products in my country? I ask this because i have a virtual store in my country and I would like to start selling vaporizers, cause this industry is growing up in my country. I hope you will consider my question to see if we can expand the Atmos products here. Good vibes guys and hope you will continue doing awesome products for us.

    A big hug from the Dominican Republic”

    A: Totally! I can’t speak to the Dominican Rublic specifically, but Atmos already has stores in different countries, and our overall goal is to be a world-wide name!

    Chris Hand

    Q: Is there a single device I can purchase that can be used for both dry herbs as well as concentrates (liquids, and waxes)?

    A: Unfortunately, there is no “true” vaporizer that functions for both liquids and dry herbs. At least none that I’ve been made aware. We do have kits like the Dart that function for both, but the Dart combusts dry herbs, it doesn’t vape them.

    Fred Wishnie

    Q: Just bought a RX and it came with 2 heating chambers and a small glass ring. No mention of these in the manual. Are the chambers the same?

    A: The two heating chambers are the same, essentially. It’s simply a replacement chamber for when the first one eventually burns out. The small glass ring is a glass filter, designed to keep the dry herbs from making a direct connection to the heating coil.

    John Martinec

    Q: Is it better to use ground material or pinches of material when loading your vape pen?

    A: This is heavily dependant on the type of vaporizer pen you are using, but assuming it’s a “true” vaporizer that isn’t using a stovetop-esc coil, grinding your dry herbs would be a much better vape.

    Brian Moyo

    Q: What happens if you got your Vape stolen or lost? Is there anyway to accommodate such a claim?

    A: Unfortunately, we don’t have any official policies covering stolen products. However, if you call our customer service team, we’ll do our best to get you get back up.

    Damian Necochea

    Q: Which one of your products is best for dry herb vaping?

    A: As far as positive customer feedback goes, the Jump has the most fans. Mostly because it’s very easy to use, it’s portable, and it’s a pretty nifty little thing. I’d give that a lookover if you’re interested in strictly vaping dry herbs.