What is Sub-Ohm Vaping and Should I Be Scared?

For those new to e-liquid vaporizers, the term sub-ohm can be a confusing one. With that in mind, we are going to delve into sub-ohm cartridges for a bit, and explore what exactly all the hubbub is about.

What does Sub-Ohm mean?
Ohms are the measurement used to keep track of an atomizers resistance. You see, every atomizer has a set amount of resistance, and how high or low that resistance is, changes how quickly your battery can move a current through it, effectively creating more or less vapor by heating your atomizer’s wick faster or slower. Traditionally, atomizers will carry a resistance of around 1 or 2ohms. Sub-ohm vaping, is when your atomizer’s resistance falls lower than 1ohms. The reason people seek sub-ohm e-liquid vaporizer cartridges and batteries capable of handling sub-ohm tanks, is because their low resistance allows for a much faster current to be pushed through. This makes them the perfect devices for cloud chasers and people who pick up vaping as a hobby rather than an alternative.

What do I need to worry about when getting into sub-ohm vaping?
If you are just getting into Sub-Ohm e-liquid cartridges, than you’ve at least joined us at a good time. There are numerous batteries and e-liquid cartridges available now that make sub-ohm vaping extremely easy. The thing you need to look at when buying your first set up is wattage and resistance. You see, atomizers with ohms lower than one need a powerful battery to work. Generally speaking any e-liquid cartridge with an atomizer at 0.5ohms needs a battery of 30 watts or more to work, 0.2ohms needs 50 watts or more, and anything lower than that can vary due to materials used. It’s best to read up on any products that perform at voltages lower than 0.2 before buying them for your vaporizer battery, as you want to avoid shorting out your battery.

Should I Be Scared?
No! It’s true that delving into sub-ohm vaporizer cartridges takes a little more thought than your average e-liquid cartridge, but that’s no reason to panic. Unless you are working with mechanical mods, you should be safe by simply educating yourself on what you’re buying, and by reading this blog post you’re already taking a major step in the right direction. There are a lot of great benefits when you switch to sub-ohm vaping, an increase in cloud production, and increase in overall power, the ability to handle thicker oils, and an increase in overall flavor. There’s a lot to love about sub-ohm vaping, just be sure that your battery can handle your vaporizer cartridge’s ohms safely. And vape responsibly.

If you’re interested in sub-ohm e-liquid vaporizer cartridges, we would like to recommend the new Atmos Sub-Vers, complete with 0.5ohm atomizers, and optional 0.2 & 0.1ohm atomizers.

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