7 Tips to Maintaining Your Sub-ohm Tank


Whether you have the Sub-Vers, Sub-Vers Mini, or the new Sub-VersTF with convenient top-filling, there are a few solid rules that can help make maintaining your sub-ohm tank easier than ever. And once you get these down pat, you’ll find using your tank easier, and cleaner than you ever thought possible.

Let’s jump right into then shall we?

  1. Maintaining a Clear Center Post

    The metal tube that travels from your mouthpiece to the tank’s connection to the better can sometimes get liquid inside of it. This usually happens when replacing the atomizer, when moving the tank from battery to battery, or when you’re still new to filling your tank. However, keeping the center post clean and liquid free can go great lengths in keeping both your battery and tank performing better for longer periods of time. Something small and able to able absorb the liquid, such as a thin cloth or a cotton swab can be used to clean this tube, and we highly recommend that anyone looking to get the most out of their sub-ohm tank do so regularly.

  1. Refilling Your Tank

    Now this section doesn’t apply to the new Sub-VersTF, but it’s still an important lesson for future reference. When unfastening the base of your tank, whether it’s to replace the atomizer or to refill your tank, the seal that keeps liquid from entering the mouthpiece is temporarily broken. This means that while its separated, the cartridge may leak, using a piece of tissue or cloth to hold the mouthpiece when unfastening your tank does wonders in preventing the small messes that can come from this seemingly routine task.

  1. Understanding What Your Tank is Trying to Say

    If you find that your tank is making gurgling noises, or if your tank seems to be leaking, your liquid may have found its way into your mouthpiece. A simple cleaning can easily fix the issue, you can also remove the cartridge from your battery and, while holding a cloth around the base of the tank, blow through the mouthpiece. We would recommend a more detailed cleaning, but if that’s not in the cards at the moment, this should do the trick.

  1. Securing Your Atomizer

    When changing atomizers, refilling your tank, or whenever you may detach the base of your tank, the atomizer can become unscrewed. When you reassembling your tank, be sure to retighten your atomizer to prevent any leakage or diminished performance.

  1. Cleaning Your Connections

    While it is normal to find a small amount of liquid on the connection points of your tank and battery, we do recommend that you regularly clean these areas, as overtime they can wear away at the connections diminishing performance.

  1. Keeping Your Sub-Ohm Tank Full

    While we understand that there will be times that you run on empty and can’t do anything about it, it’s always best to keep your Sub-Ohm tank filled at least 1/3 filled. This helps keep the seals in the tank strong, preventing leakage.

  1. Keeping Your Atomizers Strong

    While the lifespan of an atomizer varies depending on specific cases and how often it is used, they generally have a lifespan of 10 to 20 days. It is important to replace your atomizers regularly, as burnt out and used atomizers not only provide lesser performance, but are also more prone to allowing leaks into the center of the cartridge allowing liquid to escape into the mouthpiece.

And there you have it, a beginner’s guide to maintaining your Sub-ohm Tank. You can check out some of our latest sub-ohm tanks, the Sub-Versthe Sub-Vers Mini, and the Sub-VersTF on our site. We hope you learned a little something from this article.

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