Beware of counterfeit AtmosRx Products


The phrase, ‘Imitation is the highest form of flattery,’ was coined by 19th century English cleric and writer, Charles Caleb Colton.  However, not every case is always flattering.  With the increase in popularity in e-cigarettes and portable vaporizer, there is also an increase in counterfeit units.  Often times you will see these listings on sites like Craigslist, Amazon, e-Bay, & Overstock, these sites usually have no association with the manufacturer or any authorized retailer. These illegal imitations are often made of inferior quality and not eligible under AtmosRx’s  30 day warranty or 1 year replacement program.

Benefits of purchasing an authentic AtmosRX® include: quality materials, better technology, and safe products.  Each AtmosRx product is thoroughly tested before being shipping out.

Some of the risks associated with purchasing  counterfeit products:

  • Inferior quality, imitation ceramic chamber / filter, hazardous lead based materials
  • Serious health and safety risks associated with inferior electrical components.  Such as defective batteries, unprotected heating elements, fire & burn hazards.
  • Inferior technology- you run a risk of having a product that can explode
  • People unknowingly purchase counterfeit products actualizing a bargain but actually paying an inflated price for an inferior product.

When purchasing an AtmosRx product be sure to buy direct or from an authorized retailer.  To find an authorized retailer in your area, or if you would like to verify whether a shop is an authentic AtmosRx authorized retailer, please feel free to contact us.

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