A Beginners Guide to Vaporizers: Part 3 – Wax Consistency

The Best Vape Pens for Beginners: Wax Consistency Vaporizers

What’s the difference between a wax consistency vaporizer and a dry herb vaporizer?”

There are some major differences in how wax consistency vaporizers operate and how dry herb vaporizers operate. For starters, wax consistency products are much harder to burn, and in fact, can be vaporized while in direct contact with heating elements such as coils or our patented ceramic heating discs and pins. In this regard, a wax consistency vaporizer is very similar to a vaporizer that would normally be considered combustion vaporizer pen for dry herbs.

When we first introduced the Atmos Dry Herb Kit when Atmos first began operating and there was little knowledge of vaporizer technology other than what we had already discovered. People were excited about its use for dry herbs. Looking back now, we understand that the Dry Herb Kit was actually a much more efficient wax consistency vaporizer pen, and probably one of the best vaporizers for beginners. While a glass filter can be used to help prevent combustion with dry herbs, the powerful heating coil made an impressive device when used with waxy products.

So, what should you look for in a wax consistency vaporizer? Safety should be your first priority, which is then followed by power. Many products that are creating and sold in China, or counterfeit products, pay little mind to safety and reliability. This is why there is such a problem with products failing or producing harmful effects, and it’s also why all of our products are subject to a strict in-house quality control process. Ceramic is almost always the best choice when looking for a waxy vaporizer, but pure ceramic is the better choice when searching. Many factories with use a part-ceramic mixture to cut down on costs. Heating coils are the second best choice, but like ceramic chambers, you want to be sure the materials used in the coil will not deteriorate over time, especially when you plan on using your device with wax consistency products. Stainless steel and certain types of pure aluminum are generally the better options. Be sure to avoid materials like copper.

That covers the vast majority of the safety of a wax consistency vaporizer, but to find the best vaporizers for beginners we need to look at power and performance as well. This largely depends on the battery, the higher the batteries mAh (Milliamp Hour) the longer the device will generally last during use. MAh also has an effect on the type of chambers the battery will be able to handle, but ultimately the performance of the device will depend on the purity of the materials used in the heating element and chamber, and the airflow system built into the device. These are largely the most important aspects for a wax consistency vaporizer.

With this in mind the best vaporizer for beginners that we could recommend for those interested in wax consistency vaporizers would be kits like DHK Advanced Kitthe Jewel and the Junior.

Keep an eye out for our latest blog posts, as we want to explore the more in-depth aspects of vaporizers in the future. In addition, we are always releasing new products on our website AtmosRx.com, so be sure to head over there. We have products that meet everyone’s needs, whether you’re looking for the best vape pens for beginners or something more technical and powerful.

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