The Evolution of Atmos

Ever wondered how a brand like Atmos manages to rise to the top of an emerging market? Well today, we are going to delve into the history of the Atmos’ place in the vaporizer, how we got started, and what keeps us pushing onward.

For those of you who have followed Atmos’ long career in the vaporizer industry, you will remember the days before true-vaporizers and the advancements that came in recent years. At its inception, Atmos was at the forefront of the vaporizer market thanks to the innovation of the dry herb pen. Originally known as the RAWthe Dry Herb Kit was the first device specifically designed for vaporizing dry herbs and it was largely considered the best vape pen for a long time after.

In the years following the release of the Dry Herb Kit, the vaporizer market began to change in a big way. The difference between combustion and convection was a major discovery for consumers of portable vaporizers and for manufacturers alike. With that came new innovations like our patented embedded heating chambers, hard anodized chambers, advanced ceramic heating discs and our stainless steel heating chambers. All of these were specifically designed to truly vaporize dry herb products, in the safest, most effective way possible. We incorporated these concepts into devices like the Bossthe JumpTransporter, and Orbit, solidifying our place in the industry as the creators of some of the best vape pens available.

And the innovation doesn’t stop there, with the advancement of convection vaporizers came the need for customization and personalization of devices. A perfect example of this concept is the Astra. The Astra is capable of handling various types of products, while also giving users control over the heating temperature. This is a function that we plan on using more and more often, such as in the Vicod dry herb vaporizer.

We are always striving to create products that are not only extremely effective, but also as safe as possible and easy to operate. At Atmos, we do our best to fill the needs of the consumer, providing products that satisfy the needs of the market. We are constantly growing and developing. This becomes even more evident when you look at the recent advances in the e-liquid market. We are releasing new devices that push the latest vaporizer technologies to their limits with sub-ohm capabilities and variable wattage and voltage controls. The i30the Sub-Versthe Sub-Vers Mini and the Kiln, all utilize technologies that never existed just a short time ago. We have held the mantle of pioneers of the industry for a long time, and we don’t plan on letting that title go any time soon. We want to help perfect the technologies that we helped create, and that means creating the best vape pens we can. Be sure to keep an eye on Atmos, because our work is far from over.

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