Understanding Temperature Controls

So you’ve just bought your first vaporizer equipped with advanced temperature controls. You’ve already bragged all about the fancy features involved to your friends and you’re excited to get right on down to using it. But wait, you don’t even know where to begin. What help are temperature controls really? Well, let’s find out.

When combustion is involved you’re simply burning your product in order to inhale and absorb the essential oils in the dry herb. However, when you vaporize your product, you are heating it until the essential oils boil and evaporate, leaving the actual herb relatively untouched and dry. When we talk about the differences between temperature options, what we are really talking about is what we are trying to evaporate.

Most dry herbs contain essential oils that begin to boil and evaporate at around 314°F. This is the base temperature, and generally the lowest setting on temperature control devices for dry herbs. Though some may reach lower temperatures in order to accommodate certain herbs like rosemary, which has a starting temperature of approximately 257°F. Generally speaking, the lower the temperature you use, the more relaxing the experience tends to be. For instance, Passion Flower, or Passiflora, is a North American that is believed to relax and tranquilize. This flower’s essential oils begin to evaporate around 309°F.

However, there are benefits in using higher temperature’s as well. Certain herbs require more heat than others, like Ginseng whose essential oils don’t begin to evaporate till approximately 390°F! While most herbs are fine at these higher temperatures it is important to note that some oils that are evaporated have more noticeable effect than those at low. This isn’t because of one oil alone, but rather it’s because of the sheer amount of essential oils you are evaporating at one time.

All in all, the best advice one can receive when it comes to trying out new temperatures is to take it slow. Start low and work your way up. You’ll be sure to find a spot that suits you in time, and until then, experiment! Just be careful, as these numbers are approximations that can vary depending on how humid or dry your herbs are. In addition some dry herbs have a lower burning point, and may end up combusting if temperatures are set too high.

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