5 Benefits of Joining the Atmos Nation

The vaporizer industry is a booming and ever expanding market. With so many different companies trying to break into the market, it might be confusing when you’re trying to find the best vaporizer company for you. To help remedy this situation, we are going to take a quick look at five things that set Atmos apart from competing companies.

  1. Our Comprehensive 5 Year Warranty
    At Atmos, we are proud of our products. We work hard to ensure that the customers’ needs are met by aiming to fill actual needs in the market. And we believe that ensuring our customers’ satisfaction extends far beyond creating useful products, we believe that means backing them with a warranty that actually works for them! With that in mind, we offer a comprehensive 5 year warranty that covers all of our rechargeable products. And with the plethora of vaporizer companies shipping overseas, it’s becoming harder and hard to find companies that are willing to back their products.
  1. Our Intense Quality Control Testing
    No one likes receiving a product that is defective or missing pieces, it’s a hassle! And we don’t like it either. Every product that leaves our warehouse is subject to our rigorous quality control standards to prevent instances like that from happening. We want to be sure that when you receive an Atmos product, it is a true testament to what the best vaporizer company is capable of. We want your devices to last a long time. That means making sure everything is in working order.
  1. Our Knowledgeable Customer Service Team
    A company is only as good as its worst employee, and to be the best vaporizer company in the market, you need to have amazing customer service. Everyone has had to call some sort of customer service line in their lifetime. It’s bad enough that you have to go out of your way to call someone about a product that was supposed to be hassle-free, but when the customer service team you’re calling seems to know less about the product than you it goes from being an inconvenience to an ordeal. That’s why our customer service team is trained and educated on each of our products. Whether you’re calling in, walking in, or chatting with us online, our customer service team is fully prepared to answer any questions you may have.
  1. Our In-House Engineering
    Have you ever wondered where your favorite vaporizer designs were actually engineered? With Atmos you don’t have to question it! Our in-house engineers help create the products that you have grown to know and love. Each product we carry is carries a vast amount of personal work on our end. We take a lot of pride in our work, and we can only hope that it shows. From the products inception, to its final version, all the way down to the packaging, we painstakingly work on each and every detail to ensure that the final result is a product that our customers will love and enjoy.
  1. Our Years of Experience as Industry Professionals
    When you’re looking for a mechanic, or a doctor, or any sort of service professional, what’s one of the first things that you ask? How long have you been doing this?” is the first question I would ask. And if you were to ask Atmos how long it has been in the vaporizer industry, the answer would be since the very beginning. Atmos’ critically acclaimed dry herb kit was the first of its kind, the revolutionary device of its day. Atmos pioneered the portable vaporizer industry, and we continue to strive for the same successes and goals that we did on day one. With all the new companies on the market making claims about what they can accomplish, shopping around can suddenly overwhelming. But Atmos has remained a consistent driving force in the portable vaporizer market, and that is why we are the best vaporizer company in the business.

If you have any questions about our comprehensive 5 year warranty or about any of the topics we talked about in today’s blog post, feel free to contact our customer service team by phone at (855) 633-3244, or just use our site’s live chat!

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