Finding the Best Vaporizer Battery & Cartridge

Let’s delve a little bit deeper into how to find the best vaporizer battery and cartridge for your need. That means reading up on how batteries function, and how cartridges interact with batteries. So strap in, it may get complicated.

Usually vaporizers come as fully assembled kits, which is convenient. They consist of a battery, cartridge, a mouthpiece and occasionally few other small parts. The battery that comes with the kit is designed to fit the cartridge and provide just the right amount of power for the cartridge. And usually you cannot change that. Although some vaporizers come with variable voltage batteries that allow you to increase to decrease the power the cartridge gets, most don’t.

And this is not a problem until the moment when you decide to fit a different cartridge to your battery. Most batteries come with 510 threading, which is de-facto industry standard. And that means that you can practically buy any other 510 cartridge made by any other company and fit your battery. But the problem is that different cartridges require different amount of power. A smaller cartridge will work perfectly, but a bigger cartridge will simply not get enough power to work. Just like light bulbs cartridges have a power rating. There are tiny cartridges that require barely a few watts to operate, and there big cartridges that need at least 30 – 40watt power to work.

If you ever compared different light bulbs you have probably noticed that some of them have thicker coils and some of them have thinner coils. That’s because they are designed for different power ratings. Cartridges are pretty similar. You have a coil inside a cartridge. The big cartridges usually have thicker coil that requires more power. So if you are going to experiment with different cartridges you need a kind of battery that can handle a wide range of cartridges, which gives you a freedom to experiment. That’s where Box Mods come in. The reason why they are called box mods is because they are usually shaped as boxes and they allow you to modify the power they generate. Basically it’s nothing more than just a big, powerful Li-Ion battery, but finding the best vaporizer battery can still be quite troublesome if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

If you decide to buy a Box Mod you will soon find out that there are two types: mechanical and regulated. First one is called mechanical, which can be confusing, because there are not actual mechanical moving parts inside. It’s just referring to the fact that it does not contain any internal electronics. This kind of box mod is usually the cheapest. So if you found a box mod that very cheap, say $20 – $30, you are probably looking at a mechanical box mod.

The advantages of the mechanical box mods are that they are very cheap, and they allow you to use massive amounts of battery power in short bursts of time. And that’s about it. It’s basically just a battery inside a box housing and an on/off button. The only reason you would ever want to buy them is when you are on a tight budget or if you are planning on using your device in a cloud competition.

The disadvantages are the following.

No internal electronics to protect against battery depletion. Li-Ion batteries are different from others in a way that deep discharge damages them makes the life shorter and you should always avoid taking the battery charge all the way down to zero. It’s always a bad idea. That’s the reason why most electronic devices that contain Li-Ion batteries also come equipped with electronic circuits that prevent deep discharge. For example your cell phone will urge you to charge it long before battery charge reaches dangerous low discharge levels. And if you ignore that you phone will simply shut down to prevent damage to the battery.

There are no electronic circuits that control the amount of power delivered. That means that every time you turn it on it will deliver the full power until it discharges.  It limits what kind cartridges you can use, for example you will not be able to use less powerful cartridges which do not require much power, because there is a risk of burning them. All these problems are solved with regulated box mods.

The next thing you need to know is that there are box mods with different ratings, starting with 30watt and all the way up to 200watt. Currently, Atmos makes two box mods, i30 which is 30watt box mod with 510 threading and i50 which is simply the more powerful version that generates 50watt.

Just like with cars, with box mods more power means more fun and just like cars, sometimes more power is simply unnecessary overkill. 30watt box mod is usually good enough for most cartridges. If you want more power, you can go with 50watt which is enough power for pretty much all existing cartridges in the market.  Usually they have a LED or OLED screen where you can see the amount of wattage.

Now after you have found the best vaporizer battery for you, the next thing is to find the best e-liquid cartridge. The most important thing is the threading. You need to make sure that the cartridge has the right threading so it will fit the box mod, which is not really difficult since most cartridges in the market have 510 threading anyway.

In the early days of electronic vaporization a lot of companies used to make a lot proprietary vaporizers.  A battery made by one company would not fit a cartridge made by another company. Nowadays things have changed. Most companies make products with 510 threading, which makes parts made by different companies interchangeable. The number 510 actually refers to the diameter of the threading, it basically means that the diameter is 5.1 millimeters. If you are not sure what the threading is for your battery or box mod there are usually two ways you can find out.

  1. The first one is a no-brainer. Find a cartridge with 510 threading and try to screw on, if it fits than your battery has a 510 threading.
  2. Get a ruler and measure the diameter of the threading. If it’s around 5 mm than it’s a 510 battery.

AtmosRX has its own proprietary threading, which is 7mm. Devices with this threading are only made by Atmos and called Atmos threading.

That’s it you are almost done with your search for the best e-liquid cartridge!

After you found the cartridge with right threading you need to choose the size. With cartridges you need to worry about two things, how much liquid it hold and how much power it requires.

Cartridges that hold more liquid are bigger and sometimes look bulky but they are also very convenient because you will be able to go longer without a refill and sometimes it makes a big difference. This way you don’t have to carry around liquid in bottles for refills during the day.

Now when it comes to power, more of it means, cartridge will generate bigger clouds. Though the power required to power your cartridge, and how well your cartridge will perform, is largely dependent on the resistance of your cartridges atomizer.

In the world of cartridges there is a sub-category of cartridges, called Sub-Ohm. Basically those are the most powerful class of cartridges which require powerful box mods to operate.

The reason why they are called sub-ohm is that the atomizer inside the cartridge has a very low resistance, less than 1 ohm, hence the name Sub-Ohm. Lowering the resistance of the coil is the only way to achieve more power. In order to lower the resistance of the coil you need to make it thicker, which in turn makes it more reliable, since it’s much less likely to break. Since Sub-Ohm cartridges are more powerful, they vaporize more liquid at a time, which is the reason why most Sub-Ohm cartridges are made bigger, to hold more liquid, so that you will not run out of liquid too quickly.

Here are a couple of examples: Sub-Vers 0.5Ohm cartridge and Sub-Vers Mini, which is also 0.5Ohm. The only difference is the amount of liquid they hold.

The construction of any cartridge designed for liquids is pretty much the same. You have a wick, which is usually some sort of cotton like material that’s wrapped around a coil. The best material for the wick is cotton. When you fill your cartridge with a liquid, it gets absorbed by a cotton, and when the coil is heated it vaporizes the liquid.

The only thing you need to make sure is to never turn the device on without liquid in it, you will simply burn the wick, which is surprisingly very common occurrence. It’s important that when using a Sub-Ohm cartridge, or any cartridge for that matter, for the first time, that you give the cotton ample time to soak up the liquid. Otherwise, the cotton may still be dry, even when the tank itself is full.

That’s the main reason why with all the cartridges why the wick and the coil are always replaceable. And it’s a good idea to buy a spare one, or buy a cartridge that already comes with a spare one. Which is the case with both Sub-Vers cartridges, they both come with spare atomizers, which are very easy to replace.

So we’ve covered quite a lot in such a short span of time, but hopefully you’ve learned a few things by following along! If you find that you still have questions or concerns about finding the best vaporizer battery or the best e-liquid cartridge, feel free to give our customer service line a call at (855) 633-3244, or just use our site’s live chat!

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