Getting Prepared for Halloween with Atmos

Halloween is one of the most lively days of the year. The days leading up to it are packed with Haunted Houses, trips to infamous theme parks, and holiday themed parties that most of you will never fully recover from. We’re going to talk about some of the must have’s this Halloween, and some cool ideas to get you prepared for the season.

  1. Stock Up On Themed E-Liquids
    Trick or Treat! What’s the best way to get in the mood for trick or treating this Halloween? If you said anything that wasn’t buy tons of candy and pumpkin themed e-liquids, than I’m sorry to inform you, but you are wrong. And while Atmos doesn’t carry pumpkin flavored e-liquids, sorry Starbucks fans, we do carry a surprising amount of candy flavored e-liquids, like Gummy BearsRainbow Bursts, or a dazzling combination of all the childhood favorites.
  1. Complete the Halloween Look
    That’s a pretty broad statement, so give me a moment to elaborate. There’s a lot of little things that make a costume great. And if you happen to also vape, then there are some fun little things you can do to really tie the look together. (Shout out to my Big Lebowski fans) Are you dressed as a dragon? Then get yourself a real cloud chaser of a vaporizer. Something to make you breath fire. Or better yet, get a case that matches that costume! Keep the theme going, and have fun with it. You could even go as far as decorating your vaporizer with stickers and jewels, but that’s a conversation you should be having with your arts and crafts professor and not a computer screen like myself.
  1. This Thing.
    Okay, this isn’t so much a way to prepare for Halloween as much as it is something cool I wanted to show you guys. In fact, we don’t recommend anyone try this, and I may actually be a tad concerned for this man’s health at this point. But when you’re determined to vape out of a fog machine, who is really going to stand in your way? Certainly not I.

All in all, I hope this helped you guys get into the Halloween spirit! Time is running out so I’m sure you’re all busy getting your Halloween costumes together and planning your trick or treat/haunted house routes. So stay safe, and vape on this Halloween!

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