Getting to Know the Kiln

Previously, we’ve talked about the benefits of ceramic in the context of heating chambers, but today we are going to look at a specific heating chamber, the Kiln, and how to use it.

The Kiln is optimized for temperature control batteries. This means that the Kiln, unlike many other heating chambers and atomizers, uses a NiChrome coil to heat the ceramic heating element. Because of this, the Kiln is sensitive to battery settings, whether they are high or low the impact on the heating coil and its life-span and performance will be affected.

For instance, at higher settings the Kiln heats up amazingly fast, and in some cases, that may be what you’re looking for in a heating element. The drawback to this kind of setting is that it will greatly diminish the life-span of the Kiln’s heating coil. This is because NiChrome is a much thinner wiring than other alternatives, but it is also a much more responsive material. This means that at lower setting, NiChrome coils, like the Kiln’s, actually do more work.

At lower settings, it may take a moment before the Kiln begins to vaporize your wax consistency products, but the flavor it produces is much more pure than what is produced at higher temperatures. In addition, lower settings increase the longevity of the Kiln’s heating coil, ensuring a much longer life-span.

Now, while we are working to test the Kiln on other batteries, we generally recommend using the Kiln on an Atmos battery at 10-15 watts and between 300°F and 400°F temperatures. This is of course, assuming that you are using a variable wattage or temperature control box mod. If you aren’t then feel free to call us and ask about your battery and whether or not it is compatible with the Kiln. You can our customer service team at (855) 633-3244. And be sure to check out the Kiln and some of our recommended batteries.

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