The Regulations Continue

If you haven’t heard about it as of yet, let me introduce you to the politics of vaping and the current fight to keep a vast majority of vaporizer products on the shelves.

NotBlowingSmoke.Org did a great job summarizing the issues at hand.

This may very well be the most important call to action for vapers and industry stakeholders in California. As you may already know, the defeat of SB140 was short lived as exactly a week after the bill’s author walked away from the bill and referred to it as dead on arrival” the Governor has called for a special session” that sees the re-emergence of bills like SB140 and SB151 under different numbers and with only minor (and in some cases even less desirable) changes. More information on the consequences of SB140 and its currently similar bills for the special session can be found here and here.”

Well, not all of us live in California, but it’s very important that we take notice of the actions going on in California, as they set a precedent for what will go on in other states moving forward. can help shed a little light on the entire situation if you, much like me are terrible at sifting through legal jargon for a real message.

Last week, we saw an unprecedented number of consumers speak out to protect their access to vapor products. If you are new to this issue, then it may come as a surprise that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed a rule that would remove nearly ALL vapor products currently on the market within 2 – 4 years.”

It may come as a surprise that vaping as a whole has come under some pretty strong legal attacks as of late, especially after the enlightening reports release by the UK center of health on months ago. But there is a lot to look out for here, and a lot to pay attention to. Atmos has gone through great lengths to keep up with any and all FDA regulations, including documentation on all our devices specifications and materials and so on, so we’ll be more than alright. But for a lot of smaller companies these attacks can have detrimental effects.

You can check out the bill and all of its political jargon here. 

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