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There was a time, long before vaporizers, when people used to use nails made of titanium or ceramic to heat their wax consistency products. The new Atmos Forge beckons back to that long lost era and improves on it. Today, we’re going to take a look at how it does that.

As far as purveyors of wax consistency products are concerned, it was always titanium or ceramic. Ceramic, held highly for its pure taste and vapor production, was generally found to be too fragile for many vapors. In stark contrast, titanium nails were durable, but were considered far less flavorful then ceramic nails.

Fast forward to December of 2015, Atmos releases the Forge, a compact yet durable wax consistency heating chamber. What makes this one so special? Its Titanium and Ceramic atomizer, a marriage of two of the highest quality materials available for vaporizing waxy products. The Forge’s atomizer is made up of two ceramic rods wrapped in titanium coils. This helps create a highly resilient atomizer that still produces the pure and flavorful vapor ceramic is known for.

Best of all the Forge is easy to use. With a splash prevention mouthpiece, a durable stainless steel body, and replaceable coils, the Forge, put simple, works. It’s compatible with box mods like the i30 and i50TC-J, as well as standard 510 batteries, like the Twist and B16 batteries.

You can check out the Forge set here. And I would more than encourage you to do so. It is perhaps the best wax consistency heating chamber on the market today, and we are more than happy to hear what you have to say about it.

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