Vaping is very common these days, but in order not to stick out like a sore cloud, you have to know how to do it right. There are a few problems that seem to be common in the vape community. You might think they’re caused by a faulty device, but often, that isn’t the case. Some vaping problems are very easy to fix, and others can be addressed if you take a few minutes to understand the best vaping practices. With any luck, you’ll be able to fix your vaping problems without going through the headache of buying a new one!

Keep the Atomizer/Cartomizer Clean

Sometimes when you’re vaping, it may seem that you’re tasting the wrong flavor, or maybe the flavor you’re looking for just isn’t strong enough. Some flavors are more delicate, so there’s no cause for alarm if the taste you’re experiencing is on the mellow side. Just remember: some vaping devices allow you to adjust the amount of flavor you receive. And the more flavor you add, the better the vaping experience will taste! Within reason, of course.

If you’ve considered everything above and something’s still not right with your vape flavor, check to see if the atomizer (or cartomizer) is in need of a cleaning. Clean it gently, because sometimes waste from old e-liquid can stop the flow of new e-liquid. To experience maximum flavor, be sure to stay hydrated so that your mouth doesn’t try out. Also remember to keep your tongue clean and fresh!

Have you ever tasted a burnt flavor when vaping? Sometimes, when you vape too much or don’t clean your correctly, the waste in the cartomizer/atomizer can burn, creating an unpleasant taste and smell that will carry over to your next vaping session. If you’ve just finished a particularly long vaping session, soak your cartomizer in water for an extended period to keep it squeaky clean.

Don’t Be a Know-it-All

If you’re a new vaper, or you’ve just upgraded your device, it’s very important to know how to vape correctly. Taking a big drag from your vaping device is an awful experience if you end up with e-liquid in your mouth! In the worst case, you can even get it in your lungs. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. But here’s the good news: with some practice and experience, you can avoid this beginner mistake! Pace yourself! Start out by taking slow, short drags that allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the vape.

Always remember to keep your device clean. When the function of your device starts to go awry, it’s common to blame the battery, but that may not be the real problem. Dried e-liquid can stick to the charging port, which may block it entirely. Also, for health and safety reasons, it’s crucial to use the proper charger. A vape is not a phone! Using a phone charger (or any other charging device that isn’t made for vapes) can ruin your device, ruin the charger, or even cause a fire or explosion. Leave the pyrotechnics to the experts!

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