Coachella, Firefly, the Governor’s Ball. Music Festival season is fast approaching in all its glory, and you need to be ready. If you’re a vaper, that includes packing several days’ worth of vape supplies and bunkering down with your favorite bands. The last thing you should have to worry about is running short and having to glom supplies off your friends, or worse, spend the weekend smoking cigarettes. Here’s the shortlist of what to bring to your festival of choice this year. 

Your staple flavor

Festivals call for special flavors of their own, that’s for sure. It’s the perfect time to bring in the more party-ready “festival flavors.” But don’t forget that you’re going to be at this music festival for several days, there will eventually come a moment where you’ll start to crave your mainstay e-Juice. So whether that’s your straight tobacco flavor, your good old fashioned kiwi-strawberry, or something else entirely, make sure you’ve brought plenty of whatever makes you feel most at home. 

Something a bit more exciting

But don’t forget to go a little crazy! Festivals are the perfect time to try out new, exciting flavors. If you’re going with a group of vapers, assign everyone a different crazy flavor to bring so you’ll have a variety once you get there. Try something more “party ready” that might be fun to share with a group.

Plenty of portable chargers

Music festivals pervade the great outdoors. While it’s not unusual for some outlets or charge ports to be set up somewhere, you’re still likely to be without direct power. Think of it like being at the airport. Sure, there are charge ports that exist somewhere, but a whole hoard of college kids have already staked a claim on them and look like they’ll fight you if you get too close. It’s safer to assume you’ll have no access to outlets while you’re rocking out. So stock up on portable chargers and extra batteries to bring with you. And be sure you’ve charged them adequately before the event!

A sturdy case

Your vape mod is going to be tossed about in your car on the way to the festival and knocked all around once you’re finally there. So bring your trusty case with you. If you don’t have one, then now’s the time to invest in something sturdy. A case will not only keep your mod safe from unnecessary damage, it will also lower your odds of losing anything. 

Your backup vape mod

It’s the eternal question: do you bring your favorite mod? The one you’ve spent the last year decking out and augmenting. The one you’ve invested time and money it. Or do you bring your old device? The worn one with the scratches and dents. There’s no wrong answer, just make sure you know what you’re getting into. 

Music festivals can get crowded and busy. People will want to borrow your vape. People will bump into you. People will mess with your stuff. Some people embrace these risks and others prefer to not bring any of their favorite or more expensive supplies to a music festival. It’s up to you. 

Spare parts

Assume that anything breakable will break and that anything that can possibly wear out will wear out. Even if you’ve just inserted a brand new coil, remember Murphy’s Law and throw some spares in your bag. And bring any extra parts you’re willing to share. Everyone has that friend who’s unprepared, and you’ll be their hero if you can spot them a new wick. 

General festival tips

Just getting into the festival scene? Here are a few gen

eral tips to help you make the most of your festival ticket without sacrificing your vape mod. 

  • Be aware of where you are

While most outdoor concerts and festivals have pretty relaxed policies on vaping, be sure to double check with your specific venue. There may be restrictions on vaping in certain areas, especially enclosed spaces. Be sure to respect these rules and if you’re ever uncertain, just ask a festival official. 

  • Adjust your vape device if you can

Now isn’t really the time to be cloud chasing. If your device is adjustable, consider lowering the strength just a bit so you produce less vapor. 

  • Be courteous to non-vapers

Remember that you’re at a music festival, not a vape festival. There may be hundreds of people around you who don’t have your same level of appreciation for vaping. So be careful not to blow vapor in anyone’s face. The fewer complaints people raise about vaping, the more likely it is all your favorite outdoor venues will stay vape-friendly. 

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