Super Bowl Sunday!

With the big game approaching, you might be breaking out your lucky jersey or grabbing your lucky vape! For all the fans this coming Sunday – from diehard team loyalists to the ‘I’m just here for the chips and dips’ friends – the big game is the perfect chance to get together and celebrate, or commiserate. In the spirit of the sport, we at Atmos RX are playing coach and assigning our top picks for you this weekend. Read on below!


Offense – The versatile Electro Dabber Kit

When it comes to getting things done, we love the innovative Electro Dabber Kit. This multi-function wax vaporizer is our choice for building out a solid Team Atmos offense. Quick to use with a quartz heating element, the Electro Dabber has skills we love. Like a well-rounded quarterback, the Electro Dabber offers more than one way to get the job done. Flipping the Electro Dabber allows you to use it like a traditional vaporizer thanks to the additional mouthpiece included in this kit. Perfect for enjoying your wax product without excessive packing or loading, and with a travel-anywhere portability, the Electro Dabber is our choice for vaping wax at home or away.

Defense – The tireless VICOD 5G 2nd Edition

It’s half-time and your team has been beaten up and down the field all day. You need someone to step up their game, show true tenacity, and take the lead on defense. That’s why for Team Atmos we’re picking the tireless, capable VICOD 5G 2nd Edition Kit. Don’t let its compact size fool you, this powerful vaporizer has stamina for dry herb vaping all day long. A sizeable 2200 mAh lithium-polymer battery offers a huge temperature range of 300 to 435F that includes precision control when you need it most. A temperature memory function displays the intelligence of this device, thanks to the powerful new motherboard that allows for easier control over how you vape. An embedded ceramic heating chamber ensures your device keeps its cool and provides a balanced vape profile, while the reinforced, rubberized housing shows off its durability. A bright OLED screen keeps you informed on all the data you need. Smart, tough, and long-lasting, the VICOD 5G 2nd Edition is a force to be reckoned with.

Special Teams –The dependable Micro PAL Kit

You need it in a pinch, when the game is closer than ever, and you need someone to come up with a big clutch play. For Atmos’ Special Teams, we’re calling in the ever-reliable Micro PAL Kit. Compatible with both pre-filled and refillable cartridges, the Micro PAL uses a 510 threaded connection to accommodate a variety of cartridges quickly and efficiently. With variable voltage, quartz heating element, and a pre-heat function for faster vaping, your vape session never needs to suffer a delay of game penalty. It’s there when you need it most – the Micro PAL is the perfect choice for Special Teams, and for vapers on the go or at home!


Our picks are in, and the big game is almost here. Stop in to Atmos RX for all your vaping needs, and have a great Sunday, folks!

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