The Best Atmos Products for Your Christmas List

Shopping for the holidays can feel like a chore at times, so in the spirit of making all of our lives easier, your Atmos Family is going to help you narrow down your last minute Christmas list!

The Atmos Boss
The Atmos Boss is one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market, and thanks to the new Boss Waxy Consistency Product Heating Attachment, it’s one of the best wax consistency product vaporizers as well! Available in black and stainless, the Boss looks sleek as ever, with etched designs, stark contrasts, and the classic Atmos A” on the bottom. If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer that’s both discreet, versatile, and effective, you can’t go wrong with the Atmos Boss.

For the stylist in your life, the PIQ is one of the most elegant liquid and thick oil vaporizers Atmos has to offer. While it won’t put out massive clouds like the new i50TC-J, the PIQ will reliably deliver powerful performance with each puff. It’s compact, reliable, and best of all: it looks stunning and stylish. The PIQ is the perfect gift for that inexperienced vapor in your life.

The Junior
A classic if there ever was one, the Atmos Junior is the original wax consistency vaporizer. Compact, discreet, tried and true, the Junior uses a ceramic chamber and an advanced heating coil to vaporize your wax consistency products without drawing too much attention. It doesn’t matter who you need to buy a gift for this season, the Junior never disappoints.

And there you have it, our top three suggestions for your Atmos products this Holiday! And best of all, all of these products are on sale for the holiday, so pick them up on our site while you still can! Until next time, Happy Holidays Atmos Family!

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