How Do Dry Herb Vaporizers Work?

If you’ve found that smoking just isn’t your scene, then you may have heard the positive buzz surrounding dry herb vaporizers. These nifty little devices allow you to “smoke” flower without the irritation of smoke filling your lungs. 

But getting into vaping can seem intimidating if you don’t know where to start. There’s a wide selection of options out there. If you’re considering making the switch, or you’re just curious, then read on and see what vape devices might interest you. 

What is a Dry Herb Vape?

Instead of burning, vaporizers heat the product until the terpenes and cannabinoids become a vapor. There’s less odor, the hit is smoother, and the experience is free of many of the carcinogens that come about from flame combustion. Dry herb vapes differ from other vape devices, in that they can handle a plant product. Most other vape devices are built for wax or e-Liquid. Some devices can double as both a dry herb and wax vaporizer. 

Most dry herb devices are called pens, due to their small size and simple shape. 

How Do I Use a Dry Herb Vape Pen?

Each vape device is a little different. The pen you choose will have its own quirks and settings, but the basics are pretty simple. You simply load the chamber with your flower (remembering that less is more in this case), heat up the pen and take a hit. 

Care Tips for your Vape Pen

Cleaning is essential to the longevity of your pen. If you don’t clean out the residue from your pen’s chamber at least once a day, you’ll eventually clog it up. The restricted airflow will affect the quality of your vape and may eventually render your pen unusable. It’s always easier to shortly after each use, rather than waiting until a problem occurs. 

What’s Your Vape Style?

There’s a dry herb vape pen for every vaper out there. Some are more customizable than others. If you’re new to the vaping game, you’ll likely want to pick something simple and relatively cheap. Remember: cheap doesn’t have to mean poor quality, many top devices can be found on great sales from time to time. Kits are also great idea, as you’ll have everything you need and won’t have to chase down extra pieces or attachments.  

The biggest question to ask when choosing your first vape pen is whether you want a conduction or convection device. The difference is in how the device heats the dry herbs. Conduction devices can allow you more temperature control but there is a risk of burning. Convection devices give a more even heat range and an overall smoother flavor. 

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